The Detroit Lions Are Wheeling Out a New Helmet, With Shades of the Past

Jeff Nguyen/Detroit Lions

By Isaac Constans

June 22, 2023

The alternate look is the first non-silver helmet for the team since the 1950s.

The Detroit Lions wheeled out a new matte blue helmet this week that pays tribute to distinct shades of the past.

The brushed blue look is the first time the Lions have strayed from primarily silver headgear since the 1950s—and the Honolulu blue tone they’re introducing on top has never been worn on an NFL helmet. Emblazoned on the side is the Lions logo from the 1960s, which portrays a lion on the prowl amid a silver and blue striped background. The team modeled that logo after the vintage Ford Mustang emblem.

The team paid tribute to the helmet’s heritage in a newly released design video. In the video, up pulls a 1973 Ford Shelby Mach 1 to Ford Field, and as it parks—Mustang badge in view—a tatted hand removes the helmet and places it on the car’s roof. The Mach 1 used in the video was longtime Lions radio announcer Van Patrick’s.

This helmet will be an alternative for the team in the 2023 season as the Lions celebrate 90 seasons. Don’t worry: the tried-and-true silver hardhats will still be the team’s go-to, but they will stay behind in the locker room on at least two occasions this year to make way for the fresh look.

The Lions will debut the Honolulu blue helmets in week 8 against the Las Vegas Raiders, then wear them again in week 18. They’ll pair the look with their gray uniforms.


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