5 Michigan Weekend Adventures Perfect for Your Next (Cannabis) Trip

Kayaking the sunset at Torch Lake. Image via Shutterstock

By Jessica Strachan

August 4, 2023

Looking for a different way to elevate your weekend getaway? We’ve got you covered.

MICHIGAN – The official season of weekend getaways isn’t over yet. School is still out for a few more weeks, and so is the sun. It’s a time for unforgettable plans—even for those of us whose favorite party favor is cannabis. 

You can make most Michigan adventures 420-friendly, but this list is catered to those who want to elevate their weekend experience in a whole new way. 

Check out these five must-try trips we’ve curated for our cannabis-loving community of Michiganders. 

Boyne Mountain Resort for the Brave

It’s a classic weekend getaway for Michiganders. Skiing, golfing, the spa, a range of dining experiences and the shopping opportunities—it spells a perfect road trip. And just a short 20-minute drive away is Lume Dispensary, one of the state’s most extensive provisioning brands. 

You can check out room rates and vacation packages at Boyne here. 

For the brave: Boyne Mountain Resort is home to the longest timber-tower suspension bridge in the state. 

For those who like to keep it cozy: Don’t forget to snag your iconic Petoskey stone while you’re in the area. 


Tripping on Torch Lake 

It wouldn’t be a warm-weather season in Michigan without a trip to the lake. Try Torch Lake on the state’s west side: Home to Torch Cannabis Co in the Historic Central Lake, it’s a blast from the past with a 5 and Dime Store and old-time saloons and taverns. 

If you’re looking for lodging, don’t miss the Bed, Bud & Boat, a two-bedroom, two-level apartment. Guests get 10% off their purchases at the dispensary next door. 

We recommend a good old-fashioned outdoor adventure in the Grass River Nature area. Think open meadows, gorgeous forests, and heavenly hikes–they’re dog friendly, too! 

For those who prefer a more tranquil experience, closeby is the lesser visited Torch Lake Nature Preserve. Happy trails! 

Netflix in a Cabin Deep in the Woods

Nature can really make for the best 420-friendly trip. The Ruby Kush Cabin Rental in Brooklyn is built just for that. This lodging is designed specifically for cannabis-infused camping with the essentials–a smart TV, LED lights, and a mini fridge with munchies. 

We’ve taken the liberty to suggest our Top 5 flix for your smoke sesh:

  • Fantastic Planet (1973) – Trippy sci-fi animation for a weird trip. 
  • Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams (1981) – The first movie from the iconic Mexican-American comedy duo. 
  • Pineapple Express (2008) – hilarious camaraderie between actors Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny McBride.
  • Samsara (2012) – a kaleidoscope of human creativity, sans the words.
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) – A movie with a munchie factory? Say no more. 

Kalamazoo Mural and Dispo Crawl 

Any cannabis list wouldn’t be complete without a Kalamazoo adventure–and for good reason. Not only is this community one of the most 420-friendly in Michigan with an abundant selection of dispensaries to visit, drive-thru or have delivered to your door–but they are also home to some of the state’s most eye-catching murals. 

Take a stroll along Kalamazoo Mall to find dozens of artworks that will have you on a scavenger hunt of color and artistic concepts. Themes range from fireflies to ballerinas and beyond. 

Check out this handy map below to get a sneak peak of the murals and plan your whimsical walk. And, if you’re looking for the best deals in town, we recommend Lake Effect for their awesome promotions, loyalty programs, and daily deals. 

Staycations Are Still In 

We believe staycations are still in style. For those who want the adventure to come to them, we recommend this awesome opportunity to bring in local chefs who cook with cannabis. 

It’s farm-to-table food, exquisitely crafted with in-season produce that has unique infusions in each dish. The Michigan Cannabis Chefs used to do large social gatherings, but pivoted during the pandemic to private residences. They harvest from a 15-acre farm in Fremont to experiment with cannabis flavors that match the palette of their diners–from garlic to fruity. 

Who knows, maybe it will transform the way you cook in your kitchen all year round.

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5 Michigan Weekend Adventures Perfect for Your Next (Cannabis) Trip

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