Microdosing Marijuana in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know

Microdosing Marijuana in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know

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By Jessica Strachan

August 25, 2023

Everything from how to start microdosing to the best low-dose products in Michigan.

MICHIGAN — Cannabis consumption has a growing new trend: less is more. 

Especially as more locals begin to look toward the plant for natural relief on a physical and mental level, products are helping people find powerful ways tiny amounts of cannabinoids can support their days. 

Let’s break down what Michiganders need to know about beginning their microdosing journey in a state that has always been at the forefront of embracing the benefits of marijuana.

What is the point of microdosing marijuana?

Microdosing tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC—the most commonly referenced psychoactive component of the cannabis plant—has become a go-to for health enthusiasts and alternative wellness seekers for gentle and steady relief from various ailments.

How do you measure a microdose of marijuana?

A microdose of THC generally falls between half a milligram and 5 mg per dose. THC microdose products are often sold in 2-5 mg doses.

Is microdosing THC safe?

People on microdosing journeys see it as a solution to various aspects of physical and mental well-being, which has sparked curiosity among scientific researchers.

This has led to a better understanding of how small, controlled amounts of THC can offer a range of health benefits. Two major areas to pay attention to are personal health history and other medications/lifestyle choices.

What are some of the most common uses of THC microdoses?

  • Managing pain, including chronic pain and inflammation. 
  • Reducing anxiety and stress without inducing strong psychoactive effects. 
  • Enhanced creativity and focus to facilitate a flow state.
  • Improving slumber through falling asleep faster and having a more restful night. 
  • Elevating mood and general well-being, including relaxation.

How do I find my perfect microdose?

  • You should pause cannabis consumption for a few days before your first microdose. 
  • Start with a 1 mg dose of THC if you can. Make notes on how you feel after about 45 minutes. 
  • Increase dosage by 1 mg of THC the next day and chart any difference in how you feel.
  • Repeat until you’ve found relief for the symptoms you microdosed for.

Is microdosing popular in Michigan?

Here in Michigan, voters were ahead of the curve in accepting cannabis for its medicinal properties and for open use. There’s a growing culture here exploring microdosing in many weed-friendly towns where dispensaries are readily available to teach and share. And there’s no shortage of exciting products to spice up your tiny dose as needed.

What should I consider for my trial of microdosing?

Choose products from reputable sources: Two dispensaries in Michigan with various low-dose products are the Muskegon-located Timber Cannabis Co.; as well as Lume Cannabis Co., which you can find in nearly three dozen Michigan cities.

Understanding CBD is a counterpart to THC: Cannabidiol (CBD) produces a balance of the psychoactive effects of THC with the relaxation and rejuvenation your physical body needs. Many microdose products include both compounds.

Set and setting still apply: Your environment and mindset always influence your experience, so being in a comfortable and familiar setting and preparing yourself to start with a positive mindset will go a long way.

Plan your day accordingly: Whether you microdose to start your day with an early morning meditation or simply to doze off, plan so that it benefits your day, rather than making it more taxing.

How do I know if products can be microdosed?

While one-hitters of marijuana have become commonplace, it’s not the most effective way to microdose for therapeutic reasons. Edibles, such as gummies, tend to be best for microdose journeys since they allow for portioning out of desired dosages (just break it up as needed). Tinctures and vape extracts are also options for a more controlled delivery of your most-needed cannabinoids.

What are some of the best microdose products I can find in Michigan?

Mary’s Medicinals

Microdosing Marijuana in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know

(Photo via

Mary’s products, including multiple tinctures, offer pain and anxiety management where THC and CBD will team up for a gentle sublingual drop.

Motor City Cannabites

Microdosing Marijuana in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know

Motor City Cannabites. (Photo via

These edibles remind us why we love to call this place home. These mini munchies come in 2.64 mg sticks with fun flavors like cinnamon and cream, hot sauce, and apple sticks.

Dixie Synergy Sleepberry Gummies

Microdosing Marijuana in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know

(Photo via

Dixie Synergy Sleepberry gummies are designed as a bedtime lullaby that offers 5 mg of CBD and another 5 mg of THC—with the main star being CBN (a cannabis compound that can be compared to a weaker THC) at 10 mg. These treats help with tissue and muscle health, as well as gentle sedation.

Terra Bites

Microdosing Marijuana in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know

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Terra Bites are discreet chocolate-covered almonds with 5 mg of THC each. The pack of 20 almonds comes as hybrids between indica and sativa strains for a sample of benefits that soothe both mind and body.

Pot Dots

Microdosing Marijuana in Michigan: Everything You Need to Know

Pot Dots are a new sensation. The little M&M-like 1 mg edibles are easy to carry and cost just $3 for a tube of 10, making it perfect for a first try.

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