Bottoms up! 5 places in Lansing that serve (nearly) bottomless mimosas

Bottoms Up! 5 Places In Lansing That Serve (Nearly) Bottomless Mimosas

Photo courtesy of Briona Baker via Unsplash.

By Ellery Weil

March 13, 2024

Can you keep a secret? Michiganders may be aware that, technically speaking, “bottomless” alcoholic drink offers are illegal in the Wolverine State. But for Michiganders who are still craving that long and leisurely brunch experience, with plenty of sweet and bubbly goodness to wash down your food, there is still hope in the Mitten’s capital.

While you may not find a “true” bottomless brunch in Lansing (in the style where a set fee gets you as many drink refills as you like, usually over a set period of time), several Lansing restaurants have found creative ways for you to enjoy bountiful and delicious mimosas—all strictly within the law, of course.

So, if you’re ready for a few flutes of fizz with your eggs and waffles, take a look at these Lansing establishments. Enjoy, and remember to drink responsibly!

Beggar’s Banquet – 218 Abbott Road, East Lansing

While this longtime local favorite in Lansing has been serving up comfort food with a twist for over 50 years, including upscale takes on steak and seafood in the evenings, long-time Lansing residents know how the team at Beggar’s Banquet (or “B Squared”) shines at brunch. Whether you’re going for a plate of griddle cakes or one of their signature breakfast burritos, you’ll want something to wash it down. Happily, Beggar’s Banquet offers a full array of brunch cocktails—including not one, but four different ways to enjoy a mimosa! You can choose a classic orange mimosa or try something new with pineapple, grapefruit, or cranberry juice. Whichever you pick, cheers!

Bottoms Up! 5 Places In Lansing That Serve (Nearly) Bottomless Mimosas

Photo courtesy of Beggar’s Banquet via Facebook.

The People’s Kitchen – 2722 East Michigan Avenue

A beloved Lansing institution, The People’s Kitchen offers creative American fare in a casual-chic atmosphere. They pride themselves on their creative cocktails but are also happy to provide a top-notch version of classic drinks like the mimosa. While you can enjoy a single mimosa with your “Really Good Fu%@ing Pancakes” or other brunch specials, The People’s Kitchen also offers their “mimosa bottle,” featuring a bottle of sparkling wine, a carafe of fresh-squeezed orange juice, and the freedom for you and your dining companions to sort the ratios out yourselves!

Bottoms Up! 5 Places In Lansing That Serve (Nearly) Bottomless Mimosas

Photo courtesy of The People’s Kitchen via Facebook.

Soup Spoon Cafe – 1419 East Michigan Avenue

For a hearty breakfast in a cozy spot, it’s hard to beat the Soup Spoon Cafe. Its morning offerings are full of timeless, old-school favorites, including the “Spoon-I-Cristo” French toast sandwich, and a full vegan breakfast with grilled veggies and hashbrowns. But what to drink with all this bounty? Well, the Soup Spoon has a full menu of classic cocktails, mimosas included. Or, for something sweet and tangy with a kick, try their signature “Inspiration in Flight,” a gin-based cocktail with lemon juice that changes colors!

Bottoms Up! 5 Places In Lansing That Serve (Nearly) Bottomless Mimosas

Photo courtesy of Soup Spoon Cafe via Facebook.

Tavern and Tap – 111 East Michigan Avenue

Looking for a good deal to enjoy bountiful mimosas over a long and lazy weekend brunch? Tavern and Tap has you covered. This easygoing bar and grill offers a traditional weekend brunch, including a choice of sweet or savory “loaded waffles.” And mimosa lovers, rejoice! Saturdays and Sundays are mimosa madness at Tavern and Tap, with mimosas for only $3.95 until 3 p.m. Your friends who prefer something more savory can also enjoy Tavern and Tap’s $6 Bloody Marys with their weekend brunch if they prefer—zesty!

Midtown Brewing Co. – 402 South Washington Square

Mimosas? At a brewery? Sounds crazy, right? But at Midtown Brewing Co., it’s an idea just crazy enough to be brilliant. While this locally-owned gem prides itself on the seven beers it brews in-house, as well as its food menu full of burgers, wraps, and other pub classics, its hidden gem lies in the cocktail menu. Not only does the brewery offer three takes on a classic mimosa, but it also has supersized “Megamosas,” an apple pie mimosa, and—for the indecisive, or just plain curious—a mimosa flight, where you can try five different varieties of mimosas. And remember, after a flight, nothing’s stopping you from getting your favorite in full size!

Bottoms Up! 5 Places In Lansing That Serve (Nearly) Bottomless Mimosas

Photo courtesy of Midtown Brewing Company via Facebook.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Bottoms up! 5 places in Lansing that serve (nearly) bottomless mimosasBottoms up! 5 places in Lansing that serve (nearly) bottomless mimosas




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