Camille Proctor is working on making a better future for her son and other children who are black and autistic.
Michigan Mom Learned to Navigate Her Son’s Special Needs–and Now She’s Passing It On

Camille Proctor is helping parents with children who have autism find much-needed resources through her foundation.

East China resident Molly Metheny wants student loan debt erased for those who need it most.
‘I’ve Given up Hope’ Says Michigan Woman With $70k in Student Loan Debt

Student debt is crippling America, especially the essential workers, says East China resident Molly Metheny

Teresa Duhl (center, back) and her family (from left to right: Chris Duhl (spouse and partner), Ethan Duhl (oldest child (13 in the photo, now 15), Spencer Duhl (youngest child (10 in photo, now 12)) (in front).
Photo provided by Teresa Duhl
‘Other Lives Depend on It:’ What Inspires This Michigan Voter

Teresa Duhl votes to empower those who are waiting in palace.

This local politician grew up during the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 
(Photo courtesy Kyra Bolden)
Coming of Age During 9/11: Southfield Representative Recalls When the Terrorist Attacks Changed Her Life

Kyra Bolden was a child when 9/11 changed the world before her eyes. Here’s how it shaped her journey as a public servant.

Katie Judy and her family are dealing with a new normal for this school year. (Photo provided by Katie Judy)
A Dozen Michigan Schools Have COVID-19 Outbreaks. This Michigan Mom Told Us How She’s Dealing.

The 2020-21 school year is full of hope and a bit of caution as school officials and parents, like Farmington mother Katie Judy, are navigating a new normal.

This Michigan mom is reminded of why she votes: for her children.
‘It Starts With Us:’ This Michigan Woman on How She Votes to Protect Her Kids

A Farmington mother of two explains why she votes with her children in mind every time.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer wants essential workers to enroll in a postsecondary education program for free.
Are You an Essential Worker? Tuition-Free College Aid Is Now Available

Go to school for free under gov. Whitmer’s postsecondary education program