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Michigan Is Preserving Hundreds of Acres of Farmland Through a New Grant

More than 400 acres have already been preserved, ensuring future generations will have the land they need to grow crops that are Pure Michigan.

Flags fly at the GM Renaissance Center in Detroit.
They Helped Get Veterans Back To Work. Now These Michigan Employers Are Being Celebrated.

Hundreds of Michigan employers have now been certified as veteran-friendly since the program began in 2013.

Michiganders are being encouraged to explore apprenticeship opportunities across the state.
‘The Debt Free, Unionized Opportunity You Deserve:’ How An Apprenticeship Could Change Your Life

Michiganders are encouraged to join one of the nation's largest groups of registered apprenticeships by taking advantage of “debt-free, unionized” learning opportunities.

Boost your resume today.
Resume Tips To Get Out of the Pandemic Job Crisis Slump

Michigan resume writing professional Linda Taite tells how to snag a job, even if your resume is not quite up to snuff.

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Michigan Supreme Court Ending State of Emergency Leaves 800,000 Michiganders in the Cold

Winter is coming, but Michiganders like Flint mom Trina Treverbaugh have been left behind by Michigan Republicans’ focus on stripping Gov. Whitmer’s emergency powers.

Many Michiganders are choosing to stay home to avoid coronavirus spread, but they still need to earn a living. Remote work offers a chance to do both.
6 Tips for Finding Remote Work in Michigan

In the age of the pandemic, remote work is thriving. Here's six steps for Michiganders making their next career move, virtually.

Immigrants provide an important economic engine in the United States, which bipartisan economy experts have repeatedly shown. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has made boosting immigration a cornerstone of his platform, in contrast to President Trump (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images).
Biden Plans to Increase Immigration Again. This Could Be the Economic Boost the US Needs.

The Trump administration has slashed immigration. Bipartisan experts—and Biden—say boosting immigration will stimulate the economy at a time when the United States needs it most.