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8 Michigan Pumpkin Patches We Love for Fall 2021

No matter where you live in our great state, there is bound to be a pumpkin patch or two you just have to check out. We compiled a list of some of our favorites below. 

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A Michigan Tradition? Salmon Aren’t Native, But They’re a Favorite Here

Most people agree salmon make for good eating. But did you know that these fish also help keep our environment free from invasive species?

This undated photo provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary shows the 266-foot steel-hulled steamer Choctaw.
From Freighter to Historic Site: Remembering the Sinking of the Choctaw

It traversed the Great Lakes for years until sinking in 1915. Now, the Choctaw serves as another of Michigan’s numerous historic sites.

The 729-foot ore boat Edmund Fitzgerald, shown in 1972 file photo, sank with all its 29 crew perishing with it.
Great Lakes Shipwrecks: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

It has inspired a song, a beer, and is the most commonly referenced Great Lakes shipwreck. Here’s the history behind the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. 

The Daniel J. Morrell sank in a gale on Lake Huron on Nov. 29, 1966.
Remembering The Sinking of the Daniel J. Morrell

In November 1966, a Great Lakes freighter sank to the depths of Lake Huron. Only one member of its crew survived. 

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These 5 Small-Town Haunted Attractions Bring Fright to Michigan’s Thumb

Festive frights aren't that far from your neighborhood. Michigan's Thumb is a prime example.

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5 Migrating Birds Passing Through Michigan in Fall 2021

From ducks to hummingbirds, migration season is a great time to observe nature.