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When prohibition forced the Stroh’s Brewing Company in Detroit to cease alcohol production, they had to get creative to survive as a business.
Food History: Michigan’s Favorite Ice Cream Was Born in a Brewery

Blue Moon ice cream may be a Midwest dairy flavor mystery that sort of just tastes like "blue” to some, but Michigan’s Superman ice cream multiplies that mystery by three.

Nearly 20% of Michiganders are employed in the agriculture industry.
10 Food Capitals of Michigan: Small Towns With Big Agricultural Names

Traverse City’s status as the Cherry Capital of the world is known far and wide; but when it comes to other crops, there are plenty of cities and towns across the Mitten that have made a name for themselves and their bountiful harvests.

Detroit’s Polish suburb of Hamtramck is known for its tasty paczki. (MichaIPL via Wikimedia Commons)
Food History: Polish Immigrants Bring Passion for Paczki to Michigan

Michigan is big on paczki because we have a thriving population of Polish immigrants who migrated here near the turn of the 20th Century.

Smoked fish is a staple of Michigander cuisine. (James Sisk via Flickr)
Smoked Whitefish: Michigan’s Oldest Dish is a Northern Michigan Staple

Though perhaps not as well known as pasties, smoked fish is a staple of Michigan cuisine in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

Detroit-style pizza is rectangular with a thick crust. (dalecruse/flickr)
Hip to Be Square: How the Auto Industry Shaped Detroit-Style Pizza

Detroit-style pizza is square-shaped, deep-dish pan pizza with crisp edges. And it’s a beloved culinary favorite of the Motor City.

A Kewpee restaurant in Lima, Ohio. (Scott/Wikimedia Commons)
Why do Michiganders Love Olive Burgers? Where Did They Come From?

Mid-Michiganders and those from the west side of the Mitten have a particular preference for olives on hamburgers

BAY VIEW, MI - JUNE 26, 2014: A quaint old home serves as a bed and breakfast in this one-time Methodist retreat center lying on the shores of Lake Michigan next door to the resort town of Petoskey.
Choose Old-School Bed and Breakfasts for a Trip to Remember

An old-school bed offered the type of idyllic experience that so many short-term rental apps promise and so few deliver on.