Photo courtesy Jack Spielman.
I’m an Army Vet Who Voted for Trump in 2016. I Won’t Make That Mistake Again.

Macomb County veteran Jack Spielman said President Trump failed him on one fundamental lesson he learned during the service: character counts.

John and Debbie Dingell
Debbie Dingell: Biden Will Take Care Of Your Family Like His Own. I Know From Experience.

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell shares how the vice president’s compassion for her late husband shows how he’d treat Michigan’s seniors as president of the United States.

by Sean Galvin
Cartoon: The Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Teaching is already an incredibly difficult profession without having to manage a classroom in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Guide to Raising Anti-Racist Kids in Today’s America

Raising anti-racist children is everyone's task, and it starts at home. Here's an invitation — and some useful tips — for all moms and dads.

On Ahmaud Arbery’s Birthday, I Have A Challenge For White People Who Want To #RunWithMaud

A NC activist says people need to do more than talk after Ahmaud Arbery's shooting in Georgia. Here’s how to ‘make it count.'

Upper left corner, Nichole Bass-Hawk, lower left corner, Talaya Bates and mother, Sholanda Knott-Johnson, upper right corner, Alicia Howell, lower right, Audra Carson.
How to Survive a Pandemic: Lessons from Detroit’s Black Women to the Nation

Detroit knows crisis and these women know resilience.

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The Gun Lobby Is Profiting Off Your Coronavirus Fears and Putting Kids at Risk

The president of the American Federation of Teachers, along with a member who is a Sandy Hook shooting survivor, discuss how our new reality raises the stakes on the epidemic of gun violence in communities.