The best Asian food in Grand Rapids, according to readers

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By Stacy Rounds

May 8, 2024

Are you on the hunt for the best Asian food in Grand Rapids? Look no further! We asked our readers to vote for their favorite Asian restaurants in town, and the results of our readers’ poll are in. Get ready to satisfy your cravings with our readers’ top three picks.

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3. Jaku Sushi

Jaku Sushi stands as your number one pick for Japanese food in Grand Rapids and your number three pick for Asian food overall. The art of sushi meets the heat of hibachi food here, so there’s something for everyone — even the picky eaters in your life. Here you’ll find an energetic and modern ambiance that blends modern chic with traditional Japanese elements.

The sushi menu at Jaku Sushi is a canvas of creativity. Its options range from the time-honored to the tantalizingly innovative. For the sushi purist, the nigiri and sashimi selections showcase the freshest fish, expertly sliced and perfectly plated. For those with an adventurous palate, Jaku Sushi’s specialty rolls are akin to edible art. The Dragon Roll is a fan favorite, a visually stunning creation featuring eel and cucumber inside, draped with thin slices of avocado to mimic dragon scales, and topped with a sweet and savory eel sauce that ties it all together.

But Jaku Sushi isn’t just about the rolls and sashimi. It’s also about pushing the boundaries of traditional Japanese cuisine while respecting its roots. The menu features dishes like the sushi burrito, a fun and flavorful invention. Or a cute bento box that allows food adventurers to try multiple options including sushi and tempura plated together with rice and sauce.

In a city celebrated for its burgeoning food scene, Jaku Sushi is a perfect spot for foodies seeking an authentic yet innovative sushi experience. It’s a place where tradition and creativity coalesce. For the freshest Asian food experience in Grand Rapids, look no further than Jaku Sushi.

A bowl of drunken noodles.

Courtesy of Little Bangkok

2. Little Bangkok

Whether you order in-store or to-go, you can enjoy the vibrant flavors of Thailand’s rich culinary heritage, seasoned with a dash of Grand Rapids charm. That’s Little Bangkok for you, where the fragrant aromas of lemongrass and basil leave you wanting more. Our readers have spoken, and their endorsements have solidified Little Bangkok’s status as the number one place to get great Thai food in Grand Rapids and the number two for Asian cuisine in town!

At Little Bangkok, the menu offers dishes that cater to just about every taste. You can even adjust your spice level from no spice to on fire, depending on your taste buds (and bravery). The magic begins with the appetizers. Sink your teeth into their crispy spring rolls, their golden shells giving way to a medley of fresh vegetables and glass noodles, each bite accompanied by a sweet and spicy plum sauce.

Little Bangkok’s Pad Thai is a revelation, balancing the sweet, sour, salty, and spicy elements of Thai cuisine in every forkful. Tangled ribbons of rice noodles, interwoven with eggs, bean sprouts, peanuts, and a choice of protein, come together under a sprinkle of lime juice. And don’t forget to try the curry — the fiery red curry, the creamy green curry, or the milder but equally enchanting massaman curry. You’re in for a culinary journey with the rich coconut milk base, coupled with the perfect blend of spices and herbs, that complements the tender meat or vegetables served with rice.

The quest for the best Asian food in Grand Rapids leads you down many paths, and Little Bangkok stands out as the finest Thai cuisine. So, the next time your taste buds yearn for an adventure, let Little Bangkok be your guide to the wonders of Thai cooking, where every dish is a discovery, and every bite is a delight.

A table with several dishes: crab cheese wontons, hot and sour soup, and some accompanying sauces.

Courtesy of First Wok

1. First Wok

With three convenient locations and an extensive, affordable menu of delicious Chinese fare, it’s no wonder that First Wok was our readers’ number one pick. Diners can satisfy their cravings by starting off with their crispy egg rolls or perhaps the steamed dumplings, tender pouches of joy that practically melt in your mouth, teasing your palate for what’s to come. And that’s just the beginning.

The real magic happens when you get to the classic Chinese meals within First Wok’s offerings: a filling plate of General Tso’s chicken that balances sweet and spicy, accompanied by a side of fluffy, fragrant rice; or Szechuan shrimp, with spicy Szechuan peppercorns to warm you up on a cold Michigan day; or “the best Chop Suey in town,” according to some die-hard foodies. Plus, First Wok’s chefs are not afraid to introduce you to something new. Ever tried the mapo tofu? It’s a silken soft tofu tossed in a fiery, richly seasoned sauce that spicy lovers will obsess over.

So, when the craving for fast, consistently good Chinese food strikes, remember to visit First Wok. While we can rave about the food all day, it’s something you need to taste to believe. Trust in the voices of our readers and take your taste buds on a journey to the unrivaled leader in Asian food in Grand Rapids.


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