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Michigan voters who choose to drop off their absentee ballots must use a box in their registered jurisdiction. Photos by Franz Knight.
Here’s How to Turn in Your Ballot at One of Michigan’s 700+ Drop-Off Locations

In an age of mail delays, many Michiganders say they want to drop their ballots off by hand. Here’s how to find the nearest drop-off locations by county.

Despite the larger number of people taking advantage of Absentee Ballots, a few still choose to vote in person at the polls. Photo by Franz Knight.
Michigan Clerks Tell Us What They Learned From the Primary, and What Needs to Change by November

As November looms, work is already underway to shore election procedures.

Grand Rapids resident Karen Dunnam explains her experience with absentee voting.
WATCH: How Michiganders Broke Records With Absentee Ballots This Historic Primary

“I had no qualms voting by mail," said one Michigan voter.

Photo via Shutterstock
‘Secure, Proven, Safe’: Michigan City Clerks Weigh In On Record Absentee Requests

While vote-by-mail has resonated with Michigan voters, local election officials and city clerks say they are worried there’s ‘not enough time’ to collect them all.

In a leap forward for voter access, Oakland County is the first county in the state that will pay for postage on all ballots returned by mail. (Photo via Shutterstock)
Oakland County Will Pay for Postage on Absentee Ballots in November Election

Democrats and Republicans on the county board unanimously agreed the up to $1.10 cost per ballot was worth ensuring all residents’ ability to vote by mail.

Nearly 2 million absentee ballots have been issued in Michigan ahead of the primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 4. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has advice for ‘Ganders voting absentee as she sets the stage in the state for pandemic-era polling across the nation this historical election season. (Photo via the Office of the Governor)
SOS Benson: Michiganders Need to Drop off Their Absentee Ballots Before Tuesday, Aug. 4

Take your absentee ballot to your local clerk or drop box instead of sending it through the mail, advises Secretary Benson.

State Reps. Kara Hope and Leslie Love. Photos courtesy their offices.
Reps Hope and Love Want To Improve Mail-In Voting in Michigan. Here’s How.

With a primary election Aug. 4, two state representatives are trying to smooth out the voting process in time to bring support to local clerks.