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Aimee Stephens, photo courtesy the American Civil Liberties Union
Why the Late Aimee Stephens, a Transgender Civil Rights Hero, is a Michigan Woman to Celebrate

Donna Stephens opens up about her wife, the late LBGTQ rights champion Aimee Stephens, and her enduring legacy for Women's History Month.

Photos by Franz Knight.
An Inside Look at What Actually Happened at Detroit’s TCF Ballot Counting Center

Here's what election challengers and observers do, and what they did at the TCF Center in Detroit this week.

WATCH: COVID-19 Is Spreading Throughout Michigan Jails. And Some Inmates Aren’t Even Criminals.

These women are working toward the release of people only guilty of pursuing the American dream.

Photo courtesy Equality Michigan
How Many Transgender Michiganders Have Died From COVID-19? The Data Probably Doesn’t Exist.

In a conversation hosted by Equality Michigan, advocates and doctors talked to The ‘Gander about how hard the pandemic is hitting transgender Michiganders. The short answer? Nobody knows.