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Photo by Brian Rozman
PHOTOS: Michigan Voters Helped Given Biden a Win—and Then They Partied

These voters came out to celebrate a historic win 2020 election and a new spirit of unity.

Grassroots efforts helped mobilized Michigan's often neglected electorate, helping to clinch a win for Democratic Party.
Michigan’s Blue Wave Was Driven by a Surge of Black Voters in Detroit and Beyond

Local leaders reached out to neglected eligible voters. And they changed history together.

Young voters like these Michigan State University students came out in record number for the 2020 election.
Michigan Proves Young People Care About Voting

With absentee ballots alone, more than three times as many Michigan youth voted in this year’s election than in 2016.

Here’s How the Biden-Harris Campaign is Working to Earn the Black Michigan Vote

Black voters have the numbers and the power to determine the direction of Michigan’s support. Here’s how the campaign is making its way across the state to ensure votes aren’t “taken for granted” in the historic election.