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Idlewild - A postcard depicting Idlewild cottages. Photo courtesy
(Public Domain)
9 Experiences That Celebrate Black History in Michigan

For Black History Month, you can learn more about the state's unique history and the enduring legacies of Black leaders here.

Black Lives Matter activists in Port Huron, Michigan.
Michigan’s Population Is Declining in a Trend Called ‘Reverse Migration’

2020 census data shows a population decline in Michigan’s Black communities. One local leader says it’s to find more opportunities in the South. 

LISTEN: The ’Gander Is Celebrating Black Music Month With a Big Playlist of Our Favorites

From timeless gospel traditions to the driving bass lines of Detroit house, these Michiganders keep us moving.

Rep. Sarah Anthony is being escorted to the state capitol by an armed militia. Photo courtesy of Twitter
This Black Lawmaker Had to be Escorted To Michigan’s Capitol By Armed Guards

After a group of Michiganders fueled by violent tactics threatened lawmakers’ safety, Black citizens stepped in to protect.

He Went To The ER 3 Times For Help. They Turned Him Away. Now He’s Dead.

Keith Gambrell opens up to The ‘Gander about the loss of his grandfather and father, plus his own battle against the coronavirus.

Image via AP
WATCH: Black Men Are Being Treated Like Criminals For Trying To Stay Safe From Coronavirus

Masks and other cloth face coverings have been recommended in federal, state and local governments. But Black men in Detroit say they fear wearing masks.