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7 Banned Books You Should Read—and Re-Read

From an American classic to a silly search-and-find, read the shocking reasons these books are “banned”—and why you should still read them.

12 Michigan-Inspired Books to Add to Your Winter Reading List

Whether you prefer a Michigan-inspired tale of fiction or the gritty details of a real-life historical event, here's a list of timely Michigan literature to keep you occupied all winter long.

diversity through books
This Northern Michigan Town Is Trying to Solve a Diversity Problem Through Books—Here’s How You Can Help

Traverse City Area Public Schools is beginning to diversify its population, beginning with books. It all started with one student's petition.

Source Booksellers co-owner Alyson Jones Turner hard at work even during a pandemic. Photos by Adam Fox-Long.
6 Books to Help You Understand the Civil Rights and Unrest of the Times

From understanding the history of racism in America to hope for the future, Detroit’s Source Booksellers co-owner Alyson Jones Turner gave us a few reading assignments that can help us all better understand the world around us.

Janet Webster Jones, owner of Source Booksellers in Detroit, helps a customer who stopped by to pick up an online order. (Photo by Adam Fox-Long)
WATCH: How a Detroit Bookstore Owner Kept Her Community Reading During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, Source Booksellers owner Janet Webster Jones has a new approach to her timeless mission of connecting Michiganders with good reads.

Library staff worked overnight to raise children's materials off the bottom shelves before it got wet and the Michigan National Guard worked then to bring the materials upstairs and out of the damp air. (Photo via Grace A. Dow Memorial Library Facebook page)
National Guard Rescues Thousands of Books In Flooded Midland Library

Some 80,000 books were saved from the waterlogged Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, thanks to the Michigan National Guard.