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How Do You Really Return Bottles and Cans in Michigan? From Redemption Centers to Can Drives, We’ve Got Answers

If you're still burdened with bottles, check out these tips from our expert recycler and insiders — or just donate them to a good cause.

Isabella Borruso stands in front of one of three storage units packed to the brim with bottles and cans. Not pictured: 4+ full garages. (Photo courtesy Isabella Borruso)
WATCH: How a Michigan Teen Amassed $10k in Empties For Charity

What started as a way to make some extra cash during quarantine turned into a community-wide passion project for high school senior Isabella Borruso.

The can hoard of one member of 'Gander staff.
Cha-ching! Michigan Stores Will Accept Can and Bottle Returns in June

Were you starting to wonder if you would ever be able to reclaim your garage or closet from empties? Well, the time is nigh.