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Whitmer Outlaws Child Marriage Over Pushback From Republicans

A new state law aims to protect Michigan children from sexual abuse by setting a no-exceptions minimum marriage age of 18. Five Republican lawmakers voted against protecting kids. 

President Joe Biden speaks about his 2024 proposed budget at the Finishing Trades Institute, Thursday, March 9, 2023, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
Biden’s Budget Would Tax Billionaires, Corporations to Strengthen Medicare, Expand Child Care, and Help Families

Republicans immediately rejected Biden's plan, but have yet to release their own budget. They have made it clear, however, that they want to apply deep spending cuts to everything from health insurance to food assistance benefits.

This October 2022 photo provided by Kristin Stonehouse shows her son, Mason Stonehouse, 6, in Chesterfield, Mich. Mason Stonehouse used his father’s Grubhub account to order $1,000 worth of food delivered to his home on Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023. His father, Keith Stonehouse, was not aware his son was ordering the food and at first did nt understand why delivery people kept ringing his doorbell and leaving food. (Kristin Stonehouse via AP)
‘Not Your Average 6-Year-Old’: Michigan Boy Orders $1K in Food from Dad’s Grubhub

A Michigan man says he was left with a $1,000 bill after his 6-year-old son ordered a virtual smorgasbord of food from several restaurants last weekend, leading to a string of unexpected deliveries—and maybe a starring role in an ad campaign.

10 Years Later: What Has & Hasn’t Changed in the Decade Since Sandy Hook

We've heard it again and again: If we weren't able to pass gun reform after Sandy Hook, nothing will ever change. While school shootings haven't stopped, or even slowed, in the decade since Sandy Hook, progress has been made.

There are plenty of fun and cheap things you can do with your kids before the cold weather makes its return to Michigan.
Cheap (and Fun) Things to Do With Kids Before Summer Ends

Nicole Collier shares a few fun and cheap things you can do with your kids before the cold weather returns.

Also known as adventurous play or child-led play, risky play is most simply defined as play that is thrilling and exciting, and that also involves uncertainty, or risk of injury.
Easy Ways for Michigan Parents to Create Adventurous Play for Kids

At first glance, the phrase “risky play” may sound absolutely terrifying. But according to many childhood development experts, it’s a huge part of your kiddo’s healthy development.

The best childhood memories can be free.
Five Ways for Super Busy Parents to Make Summer Memories With the Kids

Looking to build lasting memories with your children when it sometimes seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to create them? Nicole Collier has some tips.