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Graphic via Shutterstock
More Than the Presidency: These Seven Down Ballot Races Have Young Michiganders Motivated

From Kalamazoo to Livonia to Marquette, young Michiganders are looking at races closer to home as they head to the polls.

Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack. Photo via Michigan Courts.
Why You Need to Pay Attention to the Nonpartisan Part of Your Ballot

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack told The 'Gander what judges do, and why voting for them matters.

Former teacher and school social worker Laurie Oldford.
How the Pandemic Transformed Michigan’s School Boards

This retired teacher had no idea what her first term on the Port Huron Areas School Board would be like, but “somebody had to do it,” she said.

Treasurer Sabree. Photo courtesy the Wayne County Treasurer's Office.
With a Foreclosure Crisis on the Horizon, Wayne County Shows the Power of a Treasurer

Over the last four years, Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree has reduced foreclosures by 86%. That matters now more than ever.

Ingham County Clerk Barbara Byrum. Photo courtesy Ingham County.
‘I’m Accountable to the Voters:’ A Day in the Life of Lansing’s County Clerk

For Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum, the day is about text messages, coffee and civic responsibility.

Photo courtesy Sandra O'Brien.
Here’s What Voting for University Boards Does for Michigan

This Wayne State Governor shows what Michigan's unique elected boards of trustees can do for public institutions in the state.