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An Eviction ‘Tsunami’ Is Coming to Michigan this Winter

With rent assistance disappearing and eviction moratoriums set to end, Michigan braces for an eviction crisis. At the height of winter. During a pandemic.

Justice Elizabeth Welch. Photo by Katelyn Kivel via Zoom.
Meet Elizabeth Welch: Employment Lawyer Turned State Supreme Court Justice

From a high school campaign volunteer to the Michigan Supreme Court, Justice Elizabeth Welch has believed in the rule of law as a "great equalizer."

The Democrats Are Back in Control of the Michigan Supreme Court

Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack and Elizabeth Welch are poised to win Michigan Supreme Court seats in a race that became a hot topic in the state.

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More Than the Presidency: These Seven Down Ballot Races Have Young Michiganders Motivated

From Kalamazoo to Livonia to Marquette, young Michiganders are looking at races closer to home as they head to the polls.

Michigan voters have one week remaining to decide who will sit on the state's Supreme Court bench.
Oh, Now People Are Pissed: Michigan Supreme Court Sparks Judicial Election Attention

The Michigan Supreme Court’s powers during the pandemic have given local voters new perspectives on this often neglected race.