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Michigan families and leaders celebrated the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday—and took plenty of photos to commemorate the historic day.
PHOTOS: How Families and Leaders From MI to DC Celebrated America’s New Chapter

From winter gear to brave the cold on the US Capitol steps to cozy home celebrations, Michiganders are celebrating the beginning of the next chapter of American history.

parent talking to child about traumatic events
How to Discuss the Traumatic Events on the Capitol With Kids and Process It as a Family

What to know to help your kids process traumatic events as you might be struggling to process them yourself.

Multigenerational families in Michigan are voting together, some for the first time.
For These Michiganders, Voting Is All in the Family

Multigenerational Voters in Michigan are strengthening their bonds at the ballot box this election.

PBS Kids is available on iPhone and Android devices. Screen capture via PBS Detroit
8 Ways You Can Keep Your Kids Busy So You Don’t Go Crazy During Coronavirus

We know Netflix isn't enough. Here are some engaging ways to keep your kids active and learning - for free. While you rest.

Establishments like this one have closed around Michigan as the coronavirus spreads. Photo by Constance York
How Coronavirus Is Having Real Impacts on Michigan Families

Grocery stores are ransacked. Kids can't go to school. Worship has been canceled. Here are the real ways the coronavirus has affected Michiganders.