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6 Things to Know Before Ice Fishing in Michigan

From getting licensed and knowing the species, to testing the ice and finding the best spots to hook the biggest fish—there are a few things you should know about wintertime fishing in Michigan.

Smoked fish is a staple of Michigander cuisine. (James Sisk via Flickr)
Smoked Whitefish: Michigan’s Oldest Dish is a Northern Michigan Staple

Though perhaps not as well known as pasties, smoked fish is a staple of Michigan cuisine in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

Photo Courtesy: T. Lawrence, Great Lakes Fishery Commission
The Numbers of So-Called Vampire Fish in the Great Lakes Are on the Rebound. What Have We Learned?

Invasive sea lamprey populations are on the rise, posing a threat to the environment and economy—but scientists have a plan.

Photo Credit Getty
A Michigan Tradition? Salmon Aren’t Native, But They’re a Favorite Here

Most people agree salmon make for good eating. But did you know that these fish also help keep our environment free from invasive species?

Photo via Shutterstock.
‘There’s Always Something to Fish For’: Michigan Anglers Stay Busy Deep Into Fall on the Great Lakes

Fishing never stops in Pure Michigan. Here's how anglers pursue the perfect catch deep into the fall months.

A Heatwave Is Coming To Michigan. Here Are 8 Ways To Actually Enjoy It — Social Distancing Style, Of Course

After months of uncharastically cold weather (even by Michigan’s standards) temperatures are warming up. Here are some suggestions for making the most of it.