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The History of Mackinac Island Fudge

Arguably Michigan’s most well-known food, Mackinac Island fudge is so famous, we have a name for the tourists who flock to the island specifically to swarm the fudge shops — fudgies.

The "deliciously different" bottling plant at 4501 Woodward Ave., Detroit. Source:
The History of Vernors — and the Boston Cooler

If you’re like many Michiganders, when you get sick, you reach for the Vernors as a home remedy for just about every ailment. Perhaps, then, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that America’s oldest surviving ginger ale was the creation of Michigan’s first licensed pharmacist.

Check Out These 17 Comfort Food (& Beer) Festivals Happening This Summer in Michigan

Beer, Brisket, Bacon, and… Bologna? Coming to you hot all summer long.  MICHIGAN — There’s something particularly delightful about wearing your comfy pants to a summer festival, where you feast on locally sourced comfort foods from the comfort of a picnic table. Come on, you know you want to. June Lansing Beer Fest (Lansing) When:...

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The History of Mario Lelli’s Zip Sauce

As Michiganders, we put onions on hot dogs, olives on hamburgers, and snack on Polish donuts in February. But have you ever wondered why? In our Michigan Moments: Food series, we’re checking out the history behind iconic Michigan foods and beverages. This is the fourth article of the series. Look for a new one every Wednesday! MICHIGAN—Though...

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The History of Pinconning Cheese

Hold your charcuterie boards. Did you know Michigan has a cheese capital?

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The History Behind Michigan’s Famous Double-Baked Rye Bread

Midwestern cooking combines culinary traditions from our families’ immigrant backgrounds, locally grown and produced ingredients, and the foods of Indigenous tribes. And in Michigan especially, our home cookin’ includes provisions that were concocted, bottled, and packaged by mitten-state entrepreneurs. Read on to discover how Michigan history creates Michigan culture. Editor’s Note: This is the third...

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The History of Faygo Is More Cakey Than We Knew

In the first installment of our Michigan Moments: Food series, we're hunting down the history of Faygo Pop. Did you know it started with cake?