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Fall is upon us in the Mitten State.
Fall Is in the Air: Here’s How to Enjoy Michigan’s Cool Weather Safely

These safe family-friendly places in the Mitten State are sure to give you a touch of normalcy amidst the pandemic. Scarves optional.

Modern-day blueberry farming began in Michigan in the early 1900s, according to the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD), and today this perennial crop is harvested from more than 20,000 acres. (Photos via Shutterstock)
Blueberries, Blackberries, Peaches, Raspberries: Here’s Where to Find U-Pick Farms in Michigan

What better place to socially distance this summer than a big, open field full of fresh fruit and veg ripe for the picking? Here’s where to find farms in your area.

Detroit's Redford Theatre has championed creative programming for their patrons for years. In addition to enabling participation in the creation, understanding, and appreciation of the arts in the historically preserved theatre, the Motor City Theatre Organ Society (the group that runs the Redford) is dedicated to the preservation, use, understanding, and enjoyment of the theatre pipe organ. The Redford's Barton Theatre Pipe Organ was installed for the opening of the theatre in 1928, and it's still played at the beginning of shows today! (Photo courtesy of the Redford Theatre)
Livestreams, Drive-Ins, and Curbside Concessions: How to Get Your Movie Theater Fix in Michigan

Michigan’s movie theaters are providing film fans with creative offerings on- and offline during the pandemic, and they need your support to keep ’em coming.

While Superman ice cream looks pretty much the same anywhere you go — red, yellow, and blue ice cream swirled together to create tasty rainbow goodness — fans can't seem to nail down the exact flavors of each color. (Photo via Shutterstock)
This National Ice Cream Month, Here’s 5 Things You Might Not Know About Michigan’s Favorite Flavor

From its murky origins to its even more mysterious flavor profile, we’re digging into Michigan’s all-time favorite ice cream flavor: Superman.

In one of our favorite moments from Gov. Whitmer's campaign, she read and responded to mean tweets. Her clapbacks were often 100% wittier than the tweets fired her way — so watch out if you're ever thinking of @ing her with some nonsense. (Screenshot via YouTube)
WATCH: From Mean Tweets to ‘Big Gretch’: 5 Times Gov. Whitmer Had Us Totally Cracking Up

Gov. Whitmer has a wicked sense of humor, and COVID-19 hasn’t wiped it out of her yet. Here's a roundup of some of her wittiest moments.