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Michigan Election Results: The 2020 Winners from the State’s Top Races

From the presidential race to local proposals, here’s your hub for how Michigan votes on the most heated seats and statewide races this November.

LIVE BLOG: Save This Page To Get Michigan Updates On Election Day 2020

The ‘Gander will have your on-the-ground look at what’s happening inside Michigan’s precincts during an extraordinary election.

Michigan’s Battlegrounds: Confessions of Voter Hoping to Swing Macomb County

“It’s not as red as they always say. We are quieter, but we are here," says Macomb Township Ph.D student Andrea Geralds.

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The Deeply Personal Health Care Issues at the Center of Michigan’s Senate Race

We look at where Sen. Gary Peters and opponent John James stand on the health issues that matter most to Michiganders.

Sen. Peters surveying flood damage. Photo courtesy Sen. Peters' office.
Michigan Sen. Gary Peters Tells Us How He Became Washington’s Most Accomplished Freshman Senator

Fueled by the grit and tenacity of the Michiganders he serves, Sen. Gary Peters has worked on dozens of bills signed into law, earning the track record of a "most effective" leader.

Supporters came with many signs, ready to share the message and make their voices heard.
PHOTOS: Detroit’s Rally to Save the USPS

This community of postal workers, neighbors, and lawmakers are demanding that the USPS be saved.

AG Dana Nessel and Sen. Gary Peters. Photos courtesy their offices.
No, the USPS Isn’t Safe Yet — And Michigan’s Investigation Still Matters

Michigan's Sen. Gary Peters and AG Dana Nessel are both pursuing investigations into the Postal Service, while the Postmaster General delays policies that have been causing mail to slow down.