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Proposed Republican Legislation Would Decimate Michigan’s Unemployment Trust Fund

The trust fund helps out-of-works Michiganders stay afloat during the pandemic. These are the leaders undermining it.

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Schools Reopen Tuesday. Here’s What Legislators Wanted but Aren’t Getting.

Republicans pushed privatizing e-learning, while Democrats questioned using fall data. Teachers just wanted to be part of the discussion.

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Educators: Stop Using the Pandemic as an Excuse to Privatize Schools

One back-to-school proposal supported by Michigan Republicans like state Reps. Greg Markkanen and Ryan Berman would bring privatization to distance learning, leaving teachers in the lurch.

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How Reopening Michigan Schools Too Early Could Lead to More Statewide Closures

While some leaders express concerns on public health and the economy, State Rep. Greg Markkanen has another concern about the pandemic's effect on reopening schools: snow days.

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Trump Wants to Limit Page Counts for Environmental Reports. That Could Hurt Michigan’s Great Lakes.

State Sen. Greg Markkanen (R-Hancock) supports President Trump's environmental rollbacks, which would create shortcuts for Michigan’s controversial oil pipeline — the same shortcuts that contributed to the worst ecological disaster in U.S. history.

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Why the Republican Push for a Pipeline Under the Straits of Mackinac Is Controversial

State Rep. Greg Markkanen is among those pushing for a more expansive Line 5 project. Here's how that could set Michigan up for an environmental disaster.