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Photos by: NPS, Iron Ore Heritage Trail
Once a ‘Middle Class Ticket,’ Mining’s Unsure Future Raises Questions for the UP

As natural deposits run low, Yoopers are still turning to their mining past for inspiration for what the region’s future could look like.

Wordsmiths and grammarians have until Nov. 30 to submit their words to Lake Superior State University's annual list of most-hated words and phrases.
This Michigan University Wants Your Help to Ban the Most Irritating, Annoying, Grating Words and Phrases

Do you always catch yourself rolling your eyes when people say that one thing? If so, submit it to this annual list of banned words.

Michigan Tech in Houghton, at night. Photo by Jcvertin - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons
When Will Michigan Colleges Resume? This Rural University May Be Laying Out the Answers

As Michigan Tech joins the list of colleges aiming to resume in-person instruction in the fall, the university is looking out for freshmen with unique physical and emotional health considerations.