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Fixing Roads and Making Cars: 11 Michiganders to Remember From 2021

From a local man fighting for clean water to the head of a federal agency bringing electric vehicles to Michigan, these are the names you need to know.

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‘Era of Empowerment’: From a Lineage of Leaders, Chippewa Chairperson Steps Up in Michigan

Tribal chairperson Aaron Payment was once a high school dropout. Now, the White House has turned to his tribe as an example for how to foster education within Indigenous communities. 

Michigan leaders being sent back to the state House are accountable to the residents in their district.
Keep Going Michigan: Why You Should Meet the Leaders You Re-Elected

Elected officials are only as effective as the constituents who hold them accountable. That means residents of any district should contact their representative to discuss important topics to everyday families.

WATCH: Michigan’s Lieutenant Governor on Today’s Work and Tomorrow’s Legacies

Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist says access to the internet is the best way to empower Michiganders. He’s working toward connectivity.