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This Local Leader Started a War Over a Homophobic Hire. It Might End Up Protecting All LGBTQ Michiganders.

Should Michiganders be free to love in 2021 without discrimination? Kalamazoo thinks so, and this leader is on the frontlines.

Republican-led Michigan Legislature's Speaker Lee Chatfield
Kalamazoo Refuses to Work With Business Group Over Homophobic CEO Hire

This organization hired an anti-LGBTQ former politician as CEO. Kalamazooians aren't having it.

Cynthia Johnson, Lee Chatfield and Jocelyn Benson have all received threats or intimidation in the past week.
The Violent Storm Brewing in the Aftermath of Trump’s Michigan Loss

Threats, racism and an armed protest at an elected official's home are the latest in the rising potential of political violence in Michigan.

Photo courtesy the Office of the Governor.
‘Shameful’ Efforts to Impeach Gov. Whitmer Won’t Go to a Vote, Says House Speaker

Despite Republican opposition to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's COVID policies, her handling of the pandemic remains broadly popular.

Republican-led Michigan Legislature's Speaker Lee Chatfield
Michigan Republicans File Lawsuit Against Whitmer Over Coronavirus Orders

Michigan’s Republican-led Legislature launched their lawsuit against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over her handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Armed protesters at the Michigan capitol.
Those Assault Rifle Toting Protesters May Have Gotten Guns Banned From Michigan’s Capitol

After protesters stormed the Michigan Capitol Building with assault weapons, the policy allowing firearms to be openly carried in the capitol are being reevaluated.

Armed protesters at the Michigan capitol.
Protestors Stormed Michigan’s Capitol Again. This Time Legislators Wore Bullet Proof Vests.

A wild, tempestuous protest in Lansing brought rifles, stormed the capitol, threatened Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and got exactly what they asked for from the Republican-controlled Michigan House.