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3 Things to Know About Rep. Matt Koleszar, Candidate for Michigan’s 22nd House District (Livonia, Northville, Plymouth)

This former AP government teacher says he's running for reelection to protect democracy and strengthen public education in Michigan.

Some Michigan coffee shops focus on more than just good coffee.
12 Local Coffee Shops That Care About Michigan

Plenty of local Michigan coffee shops are committed to ethically conscious, environmentally friendly, and inclusively owned business practices.

A Detroit polling site. Photo by Montez Miller.
Just What the Hell Is Going On With Wayne County’s Election Results, Explained

Michigan's election results are on track to be finalized despite a roller coaster week in Wayne County filled with Republican opposition.

Left: A digital billboard gets a new display in Redford on Livonia's border. Top: Delisha Upshaw. Bottom: Amanda Chrysler
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WATCH: The Story Behind Livonia’s ‘Driving While Black’ Billboard

Amanda Chrysler says her family prepared her to deal with racism before moving to the city in her teens. Now she and other residents are working toward change.