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Strap In for More High Gas Prices! Here’s What You Should Know.

Michigan families should strap in for high prices at the pump and supermarket, even as proposals are floated to alleviate some costs.

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Everything You Need to Know About Michigan’s May 3rd Elections

Proposed state budget cuts to education will significantly affect funding to public schools, making this year's school board elections especially important if you have kids.

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It’s Pothole Season and Projects to Fix Michigan Roads Are Underway With Fresh Funding

"Once again we've proven that in Michigan Republicans and Democrats can work together to get things done," Whitmer said ahead of the bill signing. "This plan will help us continue fixing the damn roads — and the dams and roads."

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GOP Candidate for Michigan Attorney General Was Previously Accused of ‘Fraud, Deceit and Dishonesty’: Report

A court filing stated that DePerno “admitted that he falsified billing to a client’s account” at least once. This could be a disqualifying factor for him.

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Michigan’s New Major Deal Turns Water, Recreation Possibilities Into Realities

A state park in Flint. Clean water for Benton Harbor. A ski jump in the UP. Overnight, Michigan politicians agreed to game-changing legislation.

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New Poll: Michiganders Want More Birth Control Access, Not Less

All three Republican candidates for Michigan Attorney General recently said they believed that a Supreme Court ruling allowing married couples to buy and use contraception without risk of prosecution was wrongly decided.

Fixing Roads and Making Cars: 11 Michiganders to Remember From 2021

From a local man fighting for clean water to the head of a federal agency bringing electric vehicles to Michigan, these are the names you need to know.