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Updated: More Michigan Starbucks Locations Vote to Unionize

Michigan coffee shops are becoming hotbeds for unionization. There’s a common thread between complaints.

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Michigan’s Manufacturing Hot Streak Continues With 1,200 New Jobs at Battery Facility

“Michigan was a natural choice to our commitment of building an impactful global business because of its rich pool of talent, being close to the geographic epicenter of the automotive industry and its strong support."

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Job Numbers Are Up in Michigan, Even Despite Difficult Economic Circumstances

Michigan’s economy has improved at one of the best rates in the country. But what’s being done about inflation and gas prices? 

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Better Roads, Better Pay: Michigan Construction Workers Just Got a Big Boost From the State

Michigan construction is set to be more lucrative, higher quality, and more local. It’s all because of a tried-and-true state practice that’s coming back.

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Michigan Adds 27,000 Jobs; Unemployment Claims Down 40% 

The US economy added 467,000 jobs in January, following 1.1 million added in November and December. More than six in 10 Michiganders believe the state’s job market is strong.

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New Poll: 63% of Michiganders Are Feeling the Economic Boom and Stronger Job Market

Michigan added nearly 40,000 jobs in 2021, and the state’s unemployment rate fell dramatically. Economists and policy experts attribute the economic boom, in part, to President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan.