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Detroit Disability Power marches with a coalition of advocacy groups in a Count Every Vote demonstration following the 2020 presidential election.
Here’s Why Michigan Needs More Data on COVID Patients With Disabilities

Michiganders with disabilities face greater challenges getting access to care and worse outcomes during the coronavirus pandemic, but we still don't know how many are sick.

Justice Elizabeth Welch. Photo by Katelyn Kivel via Zoom.
Meet Elizabeth Welch: Employment Lawyer Turned State Supreme Court Justice

From a high school campaign volunteer to the Michigan Supreme Court, Justice Elizabeth Welch has believed in the rule of law as a "great equalizer."

The Democrats Are Back in Control of the Michigan Supreme Court

Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack and Elizabeth Welch are poised to win Michigan Supreme Court seats in a race that became a hot topic in the state.

Michigan voters have one week remaining to decide who will sit on the state's Supreme Court bench.
Oh, Now People Are Pissed: Michigan Supreme Court Sparks Judicial Election Attention

The Michigan Supreme Court’s powers during the pandemic have given local voters new perspectives on this often neglected race.

Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack. Photo via Michigan Courts.
Why You Need to Pay Attention to the Nonpartisan Part of Your Ballot

Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack told The 'Gander what judges do, and why voting for them matters.

MDHHS Director Robert Gordon. Photo courtesy the Michigan House of Representatives.
Michigan Just Restored Its Coronavirus Protections. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Public health officials say masks will still be required in public, despite the ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court.

Photo courtesy the Office of the Governor
Michigan to Become the Only State Not Recognizing a Coronavirus State of Emergency

By looking at Wisconsin, Michigan can prepare for what will come in the wake of the state’s Supreme Court striking down Gov. Whitmer’s emergency powers.