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Meet MI Leaders: From Vaccines to Contaminated Water, Sean McCann Talks Kalamazoo

Sean McCann is "Kalamaglued" to his community and is proud of its role in the Pfizer vaccine, but understands frustrations over short supply.

Sandy Wynn-Stelt unexpectedly and suddenly lost her husband to cancer in 2016. A year later, officials told her that her home's drinking water had some of the highest levels of PFAS in the country. (Photo provided by Sandy Wynn-Stelt)
‘No Amount of Money Can Bring my Husband Back:’ Michigan Woman to Big Business Polluters

Sandy Wynn-Stelt bought her dream home in a picturesque Michigan town. She was shocked to learn of a deadly water contaminant she’d never heard of: PFAS.

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Michigan Is Going After Companies That Produced Toxic Chemicals Found in the State’s Water

A lawsuit filed last week aims to recoup past and future cleanup costs associated with PFAS contamination, which affects 1.9 million Michiganders.