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State health officials have said testing at 55 downstream locations in the Huron River system did not find any hexavalent chromium.
Report: Wixom Company Releases Industrial Chemicals into Water

Health officials say people and pets should avoid contact with the Huron River in parts of Oakland and Livingston counties. It also advises that fish caught in that area should not be eaten.

Detroit resident Emma Lockridge lives near 28 facilities that produce pollutants she, and others, have to breathe in.
Detroiters Are Fighting Back Against the Pervasive Pollution in Their Neighborhood

Emma Lockridge has to go for walks outside of her community just to breathe in fresh air. That's because the smog, pollutants, and air quality around her home are so bad.

Refinery giant Marathon Petroleum, which operates its Detroit-area refinery in what is now Michigan’s most polluted zip code. (AP photo)
How a Detroit Factory Is Making Michigan’s Most-Polluted Zip Code Worse

The Marathon Refinery is bypassing safety tests during the pandemic. Here's how local residents are responding.

Alia Allen sits on her porch in Detroit's 48216 zip code, Michigan's most polluted region.
Photo by Ellen Chamberlain
Pollution and the Pandemic: Michigan Families Are Feeling Trump’s Environmental Cuts

Rolling back air quality protections has left some Michiganders even more vulnerable during the Coronavirus pandemic.