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Photo courtesy Courtney DeKraker
‘It Meant Everything’: West Michigan Music Teacher Reflects on How Students Honored Her Retirement

Little did Susan Gould know that her final band concert would play second fiddle to what was coming next.

A student at Stocking Elementary School in Grand Rapids was found carrying a loaded gun in his or her backpack. (Stocking Elementary School via Facebook)
Grand Rapids Schools Ban Backpacks After Third Grader Brings in Loaded Gun

A second Michigan school district is banning backpacks on school premises due to concerns about gun violence, this time because a third-grade student was found with a loaded gun.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer reads to a classroom to celebrate National Reading Month. (Governor Gretchen Whitmer via Facebook)
Repeal of Third Grade Reading Law Restores Parental Rights in Michigan

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Friday signed a bill to repeal a controversial state law which for years has punished Michigan students who fall behind more than one grade level in reading and writing by forcing them to repeat the third grade.

Jackpot: Michigan Lottery Kicks Back $1.25 Billion to Public Schools

More than $1 billion in profits collected through the Michigan Lottery last year are now headed to the state’s School Aid Fund to provide much-needed cash for public schools.

Whitmer last month proposed a $160 million budget plan that would make Michigan the fourth state in the country to provide free breakfast and lunch for all students—which Whitmer said would save families an average of $850 annually.
It’s School Breakfast Week—And a New Plan Could Feed Students All Year Long

An education budget initiative from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer aims to offer free school breakfast and lunch to all 1.4 million public school students in Michigan. 

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has pledged to deliver on the issues that make a real difference in Michiganders' lives—including by lowering their costs, and building a stronger economy. (Courtesy/Governor Gretchen Whitmer via Facebook)
Aspiring Michigan Teachers Secure Cash Under State Recruitment Plan 

More than 600 aspiring teachers received some big help with their college tuition this week thanks to a new state assistance program from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration designed to support students and alleviate a shortage of educators across Michigan.

Behind the Curtains of the Newest Anti-LGBTQ Plan Unfolding Against Michigan Schools

The Great Schools Initiative is pushing a familiar rhetoric against Michigan’s public schools. This time, they're looking to bring lawsuits.