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Michiganders Can Help Design Their Own Voting Maps. Here’s How.

Michigan residents are finally drawing their own voting maps and this is how you can help shape your community.

Red pushpin pointing to Detroit city in more than fifty years old map
Michigan Lost an Electoral Vote. It Could Lose More than That if GOP Plans Pass.

If Republicans want to make every vote truly equal, it's time for them to support the end of the Electoral College.

Michigan's 11th Congressional District. Map courtesy the United States Department of the Interior.
You Can Choose Michigan’s New Legislative Districts — You Just Have To Apply By Monday

For the first time, voters will get to draw their own voting districts. Thousands of Michiganders have already applied to serve on the Commission that will hold the pen.

Jocelyn Benson
Jocelyn Benson’s 3 Biggest Moves as Secretary of State So Far

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is President Trump’s latest target on Twitter. But her milestones in office speak for themselves.