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Weird and Wondrous American Byways
4 Weird and Wondrous American Byways to Help You Brainstorm Vacation Plans

Turns out taking the scenic route can pay big dividends, for both traveler and towns along the trail. Look no further than these popular byways for proof.

Here Are The Safest—And Most Deadly—Days For Drunk-Driving Fatalities
Here Are the Safest—and Most Deadly—Days for Drunk-Driving Fatalities

Drunk driving remains a significant problem throughout the country. But certain days are more dangerous on the roads than others.

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This West Michigan City Has Streets That Melt Snow on Their Own. Yes, Really.

It's the most expansive municipally owned snowmelt system in North America.

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Op-Ed: Boosting Business in Kalamazoo Starts With Fixing Our Roads

Funding from the Biden administration’s Infrastructure law will "transform Kalamazoo’s downtown to be safer, more inviting, and more prosperous for local businesses," writes entrepreneur Kim Guess.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has pledged to deliver on the issues that make a real difference in Michiganders' lives—including by lowering their costs, and building a stronger economy. (Courtesy/Governor Gretchen Whitmer via Facebook)
4 Key Takeaways From the First 50 Days of Whitmer’s Second Term

Michiganders have seen thousands of new jobs, progress on a lengthy list of road repairs, lower costs for families pinched by inflation, and continued efforts to make the state a safer place to live, work and learn.

Report: New Road Funding Plan Needed as More EVs Hit Michigan Highways

Most experts agree putting more electric vehicles on the road is a major step toward fighting climate change, but a new report says states will also need to find new ways to fund road maintenance.

Column: Linking the Past and Future of My City (and Yours, Too) Through Cycling Spaces

With so much space in our city centers, what do we do with it all?