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The State of Michigan Is Going to Text You About Free Wi-Fi. It’s a Real Offer.

More than a million Michigan households could qualify for free Wi-Fi. Here’s how. 

Photo of Sarah Lucas courtesy of Office of Rural Development
Meet the Woman Tasked With Helping to Bring Economic Development to Rural Michigan

"Having spent most of her career in small towns and rural areas in northwest Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, Sarah has deep connection and understanding of the challenges facing our rural communities."

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1 in 4 Rural Michigan Hospitals Is in Danger of Closing, Even During a Pandemic. Here’s Why.

Overburdened and underfunded, Michigan’s rural hospitals are in need of life support to continue serving a large swath of the state’s families. 

Michigan's latest task force aims to tackle the state's digital divide and find broadband solutions for households.
Internet Access Isn’t Optional. These Programs Aim to Connect Michiganders in Need.

Thanks to millions in grants and the launch of a new taskforce, fewer Michiganders will have to resort to library parking lots for free wifi access.

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The Power of Protest in Rural Michigan

Here's how a group of just 24 protesters are influencing Adrian's population of 20,000 to protect its most vulnerable residents.

$323 a Week: How One Michigan Family of 5 Is Surviving on Unemployment

Before the coronavirus eliminated this family’s only source of income, they lived a typical middle-class life in a farmhouse. Now they borrow money just to eat.

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Rural Michiganders Have A Different Set of Problems Riding Out the Pandemic

Small Town, Michigan, USA could be hardest hit by the coronavirus, but are they prepared?