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Photo by Carlos Osorio via Getty Images
Here’s How Michigan Could Help End the Electoral College

An archaic system that has for centuries held back true democracy in the United States has now fueled violence in the halls of the Capitol itself.

A Detroit polling site. Photo by Montez Miller.
Just What the Hell Is Going On With Wayne County’s Election Results, Explained

Michigan's election results are on track to be finalized despite a roller coaster week in Wayne County filled with Republican opposition.

Photo by Brian Rozman
Detroit Moves Toward Certifying Election Results as Trump Lawsuits Collapse

Trump's lawsuits to stop election certification aren't just meritless, argues Attorney General Dana Nessel, but also racist.

Photos by Franz Knight.
An Inside Look at What Actually Happened at Detroit’s TCF Ballot Counting Center

Here's what election challengers and observers do, and what they did at the TCF Center in Detroit this week.