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Graphic by Morgaine Ford-Workman
A Journey to Equality: The Real State of Michigan Pride in 2021

The Republican-controlled legislature is promoting bigotry against transgender youth while symbolically recognizing Pride for the first time. That worries state Rep. Laurie Pohutsky.

The US Had the Deadliest Year for Trans Women Again. This Is How Michigan Is Reacting.

In a year that brought some major victories for transgender Americans, over 40 were murdered for their identity.

These Five Laws Helped Shape Michigan’s 2020

The world events that shaped Michigan's tumultuous 2020 were themselves shaped by laws, some old and some new, that clarified the chaos of the year.

Jocelyn Benson
Jocelyn Benson’s 3 Biggest Moves as Secretary of State So Far

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is President Trump’s latest target on Twitter. But her milestones in office speak for themselves.

Aimee Stephens, seated, and her wife Donna Stephens, in pink, listen during a news conference outside the Supreme Court in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019. Aimee Stephens lost her job when she told Thomas Rost, owner of the Detroit-area R.G. and G.R. Harris Funeral Homes, that she had struggled with gender identity issues almost her whole life. Chase Strangio, listening at right, is an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union who will be argues in the Harris Funeral Homes case on behalf of Aimee Stephens. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
Michigan Trans ‘Hero’ Aimee Stephens Dies Waiting on Supreme Court’s Decision in Her Case

A Michigan woman fighting against transgender discrimination, Aimee Stephens, died this week. How her death has been covered shows just how important her work truly was.

Photo courtesy Equality Michigan
How Many Transgender Michiganders Have Died From COVID-19? The Data Probably Doesn’t Exist.

In a conversation hosted by Equality Michigan, advocates and doctors talked to The ‘Gander about how hard the pandemic is hitting transgender Michiganders. The short answer? Nobody knows.