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Vice President Kamala Harris applauds as President Joe Biden speaks during a bill signing ceremony for the Respect for Marriage Act, Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
10 Accomplishments of the First Two Years of the Biden-Harris Administration

Over the past two years, the Biden-Harris administration and the Democratic-run House and Senate acted to lower healthcare and drug costs; fight climate change and reduce energy costs; invest in mental health care; and invest in American manufacturing and infrastructure.

More than 400 Syrian refugees have moved to Michigan in the last year.
10 Countries With the Most Refugees Coming to Michigan

Stacker compiled countries where refugees are arriving from in Michigan using data from the Refugee Processing Center.

Russia President Vladimir Putin. Image via Shutterstock.
New Poll Shows How Unpopular the ‘Putin Wing’ of the GOP Really Is

More than three-quarters of American voters disapprove of instances when Republican lawmakers across the country have expressed support or admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The list of conservative politicians and media figures who’ve made such comments is not short. 

Protestors gather in front of the Joe Louis "Fist" statue in Detroit. Louis famously took down Max Schmeling, striking a blow to the idea of Aryan supremacy.
‘We’re Not Going to Lose The Ukrainian People’: Michiganders Stand Up Against New War 

Many Michigan neighbors woke up to war waged on their family. Now, they’re fighting back from afar.

Image via Shutterstock
Gov. Whitmer Calls on State Pension Funds to Divest Investments From Russia

Michigan is home to roughly 46,000 people of Ukrainian heritage, according to estimates from the Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan. Members of the state’s Ukrainian community and other supporters have held rallies across the state to express solidarity with Ukraine.

‘A Sad Night for Democracy’: What Michiganders Need to Know About Russia’s Attack on Ukraine

“If we don’t answer this challenge, everybody like Putin... is going to take that as carte blanche to do what they would like,” said one Michigan professor.