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This High-Risk Michigan Mother Has Spent Seven Months Waiting for Her Unemployment

This out-of-work Michigan mom feels like she’s fallen through the cracks since the pandemic started. Now the holidays are approaching fast.

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Michigan Supreme Court Ending State of Emergency Leaves 800,000 Michiganders in the Cold

Winter is coming, but Michiganders like Flint mom Trina Treverbaugh have been left behind by Michigan Republicans’ focus on stripping Gov. Whitmer’s emergency powers.

Unemployment benefits will be extended through spring 2021, helping many out-of-work Michiganders.
There’s a 5-Month Extension of Unemployment Benefits. Here’s How to Apply in Michigan.

Out-of-work Michigangers can apply for benefits lasting through spring 2021. We break down the process.

Michigan Money: Staging Your Financial Comeback

Michiganders are bouncing back from a tumultuous 2020. Here are the tools and stories of inspiration you need to make your next economic move up.

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$323 a Week: How One Michigan Family of 5 Is Surviving on Unemployment

Before the coronavirus eliminated this family’s only source of income, they lived a typical middle-class life in a farmhouse. Now they borrow money just to eat.

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Proposed Republican Legislation Would Decimate Michigan’s Unemployment Trust Fund

The trust fund helps out-of-works Michiganders stay afloat during the pandemic. These are the leaders undermining it.

FILE - In a June 17, 2020, file photo provided by the Michigan Office of the Governor, Michigan's Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addresses the state during a speech in Lansing, Mich. Whitmer has extended Michigan's coronavirus emergency through Sept. 4, enabling her to keep in place restrictions designed to curb COVID-19. The Democratic governor on Friday, Aug. 7, 2020, pointed to an uptick in cases. Since nearly two months ago, the seven-day statewide average is up six-fold, to about 700. (Michigan Office of the Governor via AP, File)
JUST IN: Out-of-Work Michiganders Will Temporarily Get $300 More per Week

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced a deal with FEMA Friday morning to get some extra support for Michiganders who lost their jobs during the pandemic.