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Photo by Brian Rozman
PHOTOS: Michigan Voters Helped Given Biden a Win—and Then They Partied

These voters came out to celebrate a historic win 2020 election and a new spirit of unity.

Michigan voters who want absentee ballots can now request ballots online with no need to print and return applications by mail. Photos via Shutterstock.
Game Changer: You Can Now Request Your Michigan Absentee Ballot Online

Printing and mailing applications is so 2019. Online applications are available in a snap for Michiganders.

The 'Gander contributing writer Martha Spall shares her first journey into the political arena.
A Millennial’s Opinion on What it’s Going to Take to Get Young People to Vote

For many first-time voters, approaching politics can be intimidating.

This Oakland County mom was super excited to vote, and will be showing off her sticker for the rest of the day and encouraging others to participate as well. With her son in the stroller, wheels oiled, nothing was going to stop her from voting to make the country better for her son.
PHOTOS: Michiganders Who Made Their Voices Heard March 10

These voters and volunteers came together March 10 in a beautiful way. We captured it all.

Lansing sisters Shoshie and Jaquelin Fox-Long, 20.
What took 2 Latinas to the Polls for the First Time Tuesday?

After coming of age during the Trump administration, these Michigan sisters said they couldn't wait for their first chance to help elect the next president.

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Michigan primary Tuesday over Bernie Sanders, making a clearer case to end up becoming the Democratic nominee.
Biden’s Michigan Win: A Promising Lead in Presidential Race

Signaling a Democratic party change from 2016, Biden won Michigan’s Primary. Here’s why that matters.

No-reason absentee voting has made casting a ballot in a Michigan election easier than ever before.  Illustration by Tania Lili
No-Reason Absentee Voting Is a Game-Changer in Michigan. Here’s Why.

Taking part in the democratic process is easier than ever in Michigan. Just ask this resident who cast her vote for the next president from her couch.