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Polling Place Etiquette, Ballot Breakdowns, and Voting Rights: Michigan’s Election Day Quiz

How much do you know about navigating Michigan’s polling places this election? Take our quiz to find out.

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6 Ways to Troubleshoot Voter Intimidation at the Polls in Michigan

Michiganders can go confidently to the polls with these tips and resources in their back pockets.

Whether you're walking your ballot to an approved drop box, into your local clerks office, or taking advantage of other options, Michigan voters can cast their ballots safely and securely.
What Is an Absentee Ballot and How Do I Get One? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Mail-In Voting

From defining terms to checking your voter registration information, this guide helps every Michigander cast their ballot.

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Why Voters in Michigan Say They Feel More Informed When Voting by Mail

When elections for offices at the local level aren't filled out in ballots, it's called "ballot roll-off," and voting by mail helped Michiganders avoid it in the August primary.