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Rural Michiganders are voting for who counts for their issues and values this election.
How Rural Michigan Voters Are Approaching This Election Differently

Rural Michigan helped elect President Donald Trump, but a growing movement across the state’s countryside communities is bringing new voices to the table.

Mildred Madison left Michigan to care for her sister. Now, her family has returned the favor by helping her travel 300 miles back to Detroit to cast her vote.
94-Year-Old Michigan Woman Staying in Illinois Travels 300 Miles Home to Vote in Person

This Michigan voter was busy caring for a family member. So, her family helped her to go the distance—literally—to make sure her vote counts.

Boratha Tan votes for those without a voice.
Raised by Immigrants, This Michigan Man Votes Because Others Can’t

Asylum seekers. Immigrants. People who are incarcerated. Those without voter identification. Detroit resident Boratha Tan votes for them all.

Michigander Paula Bowman on What Being a Poll Worker Really Means

Paula Bowman, of Plymouth, is your go-to in case of an emergency, well at least for voting.

Grand Rapids resident Leah Bectel got started early in the democratic process.
Meet the Gen Z Michigander Who Is Already a Seasoned Poll Worker at 23

A Grand Rapids resident Leah Bectel registered to vote the day she turned 18. She encourages others to get started early on democracy, too.

Michigander Steven Syers is passionate about voting, so much so that he drove an hour to do it.
Michigan Man Drives 60 Miles to Make Sure He Can Vote

Steven Syers is revved up for democracy this year. Here's why.