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Quinn Nichols, photo courtesy Quinn Nichols.
This Michigan Zoomer Is Voting Because of Her Pre-Existing Condition

I’m a 19-year-old first time voter and I’m voting for health care this election.

How the Election Brought These Michigan Families Even Closer Together

The Election brought these Michigan families together in new ways this 2020.

Detroit businesswoman Dorethia Kelly is on the move with her business, and believes her vote can make it all count.
Why I Vote: This Michigan Business Owner Votes With an Entrepreneur’s Heart

Detroiter Dorethia Kelly is all about business when it comes to voting for a purpose.

Michigan therapist and mother Erica Carulli shares with us why she's voting in this election.
Now That I Have the Right to Vote, I’m Going to Use It

Professional Michigan counselor Erica Carulli says that ‘there’s never too many voices.’ That’s why this Michigan mom made a plan to vote this election.

Detroit resident Keith Combs votes and believes that other Black men, especially the youth, should, too.
Why I Vote: This Michigan Veteran Voter Casts His Ballot Democratic Every Time

Detroiter Keith Combs voted in his youth and still does today. He encourages other young Black men to make their vote count, too.

Abdul El-Sayed youth vote
WATCH: Abdul El-Sayed on Why Michigan’s First-Time Voters Have More Power Than Ever

Michigan’s renowned physician, epidemiologist, and progressive activist talks about the realities of voting and who is most affected by decisions made at the polls.

Kija Gray, left, and her mother Sonja E. James, voted together when Gray was growing up.
‘She Always Took Us’: Michigan Mother Makes Voting a Family Outing, Just Like Her Mother Did

When Detroit resident Kija Gray votes, she brings a new generation of voters with her to bring about change.