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3 Things to Know About Rep. Kevin Hertel, Candidate for Michigan’s 12th Senate District (Mount Clemens, St. Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe, New Baltimore, Harper Woods)

When Kevin Hertel's father was the Michigan House speaker, the Legislature broke through deadlock to pass an astounding number of bills. Hertel believes that spirit of bipartisanship still exists somewhere.

Ralph Rebandt said he wants to be Tudor Dixon's lieutenant governor. (Image via screenshot)
Explainer: Could Michigan Republicans Nominate New Candidates on Saturday?

Until a key vote takes place at the GOP’s nominating convention in Lansing on Saturday morning, the rest of the top of ticket below Dixon is essentially still up for grabs while infighting among the losing candidates and other Republican powerplayers reaches a boiling point.

2022 Governor’s Race Roundup

Here’s a list of coverage on 2022’s race for governor. ALL CANDIDATES Polling shows disconnect between Republican candidates and voters Spectacle in Michigan governor’s race threatens GOP’s bid for governor Roe is dead. Michiganders are devastated. Republicans are celebrating Update: Half of Republican candidates disqualified after forgery scandal CANDIDATE-SPECIFIC Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Democrat Inside the...

Ryan Kelley, a protest organizer, for the  American Patriot Rally organized by the Michigan United for Liberty for the reopening of businesses stands on the steps of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan on April 30, 2020. - The group is upset with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's mandatory closure to curtail Covid-19. (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP) (Photo by JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images)
Update: Judge Rejects Bid to Nix Kelley From Gubernatorial Ballot Over Jan. 6

The goal of a lawsuit filed Thursday is to disqualify Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley from the November ballot. It claims he violated the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution when he participated in the deadly insurrectionist riots at the US Capitol on Jan. 6. 

Republican gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano.(
Is Garrett Soldano the Moderate Candidate Republicans Have Been Hoping For? Here’s a Fact Check

MICHIGAN—According to Garrett Soldano, one of the GOP candidates vying for the chance to challenge Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in November, he’s a moderate candidate with moderate values. “Are you the kind of guy who is careful what they say these days?” Michael Patrick Shiels, host of “Michigan’s Big Show,” asked Soldano in an interview...

Screenshot of Garrett Soldano on "Face the Facts" with April Moss. Source: "Face the Facts" on Rumble
GOP Gov. Candidate Thinks Tech Companies Should Report Extremists — Except Him

Soldano’s latest stance on social media censorship is largely inconsistent with his previous statements regarding posts on social media.

Ryan Kelley, Republication candidate for Governor, attends a Freedom Rally in support of First Amendment rights and to protest against Governor Gretchen Whitmer, outside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan on May 15, 2021. (Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images)
Ryan Kelley Said Department of Education Should Be ‘Terminated’

MICHIGAN–Ryan Kelley, a Republican candidate for governor in Michigan, said during a radio interview that the federal Department of Education should be “terminated.”  “A lot of our agencies in the state of Michigan are funded by the federal government, and that’s a big problem for the state of Michigan, because then we allow the federal...