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You Probably Don’t Know These 7 Female Historical Figures from Michigan

Do you know about the American Joan of Arc or Michigan’s own Rosie the Riveter? Learn more about Michigan’s most iconic women in history.

Aimee Stephens, photo courtesy the American Civil Liberties Union
Why the Late Aimee Stephens, a Transgender Civil Rights Hero, is a Michigan Woman to Celebrate

Donna Stephens opens up about her wife, the late LBGTQ rights champion Aimee Stephens, and her enduring legacy for Women's History Month.

Photos courtesy of Angel Floral Creations, K.D. & Co., The Lip Bar, and La La's  Libations
21 of Michigan’s Best Women-Owned Brands You Should Know

From photography and event companies to massage and beauty companies, Michigan's women have plenty of products and services to offer.