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Young voters like these Michigan State University students came out in record number for the 2020 election.
Michigan Proves Young People Care About Voting

With absentee ballots alone, more than three times as many Michigan youth voted in this year’s election than in 2016.

Abdul El-Sayed youth vote
WATCH: Abdul El-Sayed on Why Michigan’s First-Time Voters Have More Power Than Ever

Michigan’s renowned physician, epidemiologist, and progressive activist talks about the realities of voting and who is most affected by decisions made at the polls.

Vanessa Ybarra is excited about the prospect of voting for the first time this November.
‘We’re Just Tired of Standing Back’ Says Gen Z Michigander on Voting for the First Time

Albion college freshman Vanessa Ybarra will be voting in November for herself, for her heritage, for her community.