Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs

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By Lisa Green

February 22, 2023

Find rare crystals, organic herbs, and wellness rituals at Michigan’s most unique metaphysical stores.

MICHIGAN—The earthy scent of patchouli incense wafts gently toward you. Brown bottles of meticulously minded essential oils catch the glint of the light. A kaleidoscopic array of semi precious stones beckon your touch. This is no ordinary small business—this is one of Michigan’s many metaphysical shops.

In recent years, spirituality and new age beliefs are on the rise. In Michigan, though, the new age community has always had a foundation. And it’s only getting stronger.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, sales of crystals, minerals, and semiprecious stones have increased. New age beliefs and practices, many of which utilize crystals, may be partially responsible for this boom. Michigan’s new age retailers, such as Lansing’s Triple Goddess Bookstore, also saw an increase in sales. As Michiganders worked remotely, participated in virtual learning, and stayed home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, trends have shifted to a new focus on inward spiritual growth.

If you’re ready to start smoke cleansing, thumbing through tarot, igniting incense, or collecting crystals, you don’t have to travel far. No matter what part of the Mitten you call home, you’re bound to find hotspots for your next new age shopping spree in this ultimate tour of Michigan’s metaphysical stores.

Kalamazoo-Portage Area

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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Our tour begins in the southwestern side of the state. First up is Michigan’s largest metaphysical store, Artes and Craft (67103 Red Arrow Hwy) in Hartford. Their apothecary boasts over 200 types of herbs, woods, and resins, and over 100 types of essential oils. Their collection is truly impressive, and also includes handmade blades, wands, jewelry, and other tools. And if you’re nowhere close to Hartford, the business also ships its products.

The next stop heading east is Elements (445 Forest St.) in Kalamazoo. This store focuses on holistic healing and is located just south of downtown Kalamazoo. In addition to selling crystals, incense, essential oils, books, and more, the store also hosts a variety of walk-in weekly events. Visitors can learn meditation and divination, peruse the herb bar, and even get creative on craft night.

The Golden Trail (616 Cherokee St. Suite 8) is also worth checking out while in Kalamazoo. This newer metaphysical store has traditional offerings of crystals, wands, tarot, and salt lamps. They also have classes and appointments, including Reiki energy healing.

To the north is Choices Unlimited (8887 Gull Rd.) in Richland, a local resource since 1987 that meets a variety of spiritual needs. This little home across from the Hardings Market stocks a variety of crystals, essential oils, incense, and more. Perhaps its best offering is a lineup of tarot card readers, spiritual healers, and other mystic services.

Even further east is Rockhound Rock Shop (33 W Battle Creek St.) in Galesburg, Michigan’s largest rock shop. A supplier of all things rock, Rockhound sells plenty more than crystals, including fossils, meteorites, shells, geodes, and more. One of its most noteworthy offerings is the “Rock Bucket,” a one-gallon lidded bucket containing your choice of between 12 to 20 rough rocks, tumbled rocks, fossils, or “surprise me.” The staff will also film a TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook video of them packing the order upon request.

Grand Rapids Area

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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Next on the tour is Grand Rapids and surrounding areas in western Michigan. The first stop is Mother Moon (127 Hoffman St.) on the shores of Kalamazoo Lake in Saugatuck. This cheery little metaphysical shop offers a full range of supplies from crystals to incense and candles. One of the most popular services offered is astrological readings, including a full interpretation of your horoscope and birth chart.

Next and further north is Sage Moon Wellness (1743 142nd Ave.) in Dorr. Sage Moon is a holistic wellness center with multiple spiritual healers. Services include EMDR, Reiki, hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, mediumship, and more. The center also features a crystal/color therapy room and detox room, both of which use holistic healing methods to provide soothing atmospheres. Visitors can also purchase products such as pottery from local artists, tumbled stones, incense, and more.

Spirit Dreams (1430 Lake Dr. SE) is the first stop in Grand Rapids. Spirit Dreams is not just a longstanding metaphysical store of over a decade, but also an anchor of Grand Rapids’ Eastown neighborhood. Spirit Dreams focuses on locally-sourced products, and supports local artists and nonprofits. The store sells tumbled stones, tarot decks, incense, jewelry, and more. Visitors can also schedule appointments with in-house psychics, or even browse the Spirit Dreams collection online.

The 12th House (8 Jefferson Ave. SE) is a newcomer to the Grand Rapids scene, but a welcome one nonetheless. The LGBTQ-owned business opened in 2021 and includes Pride merch, crystals, candles, and more. Tarot readings, astrology readings, and henna appointments are also offered.

Moondrop Herbals (351 Cummings Ave. NW) is the Grand Rapids hotspot for all things botanical. They sell a wide variety of organic herbs by the ounce, as well as herb, spice, and tea blends. Also check out the skincare and aromatherapy products.

Lansing Area

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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Next, we’ll head east to Lansing, a city where new age beliefs are deeply integrated. Coyote Wisdom Bookstore (2338 N. Grand River Ave.) is one of Lansing’s mainstays of the new age world, selling all the basics that any new ager could need. Its collection includes crystals, candles, incense, herb kits, spell kits, and more. The store offers a variety of spiritual healers and readers, as well as classes like “Intuitive Painting” and “Create Your Own Tarot Deck.”

Oracle’s Apothecary (523 E. César E. Chávez Ave.) is a new addition to Lansing’s Old Town, and is proudly Black-owned. The name is meant to be a nod to the Oracle character from the Matrix film series, a clairvoyant whose insight is greatly valued by the film’s characters. This Oracle, though, sells a variety of spiritual items for skin and home care, including body butters, lip balm, smudge sticks, and more. The store also offers classes in subjects like grounding, cleansing, shielding, and spirit communication. Products are also sold online.

Keys to Manifestation (809 Center St. Suite #7) is a spiritual community for Lansing just as much as it is a store. Sure, you’ll find a wide selection of the traditional fare like tarot cards, statues, essential oils, herbs, and so on. But the biggest draw is its contributions to the community, such as the open-to-all food pantry Pagans In Need. Also check out their workshops, lovingly named “Sunday School for Witches.”

The Triple Goddess Bookstore (2019 E Michigan Ave) is one of Lansing’s other new age mainstays, having operated since 1992. It stocks everything from candles and herbs to tarot decks and spellbooks. The owners provide tarot, palmistry, astrology, and rune readings by appointment.

Ready to head back east? Before you get too far, check out Beyond a Dream (4738 Central Park Dr.) in Okemos. Although also a fully online metaphysical boutique in its own right, Beyond a Dream also offers an impressive array of holistic healing. Check out the Oxygen Bar, the Salt Cave, or the Infrared Sauna, just to name a few. It also offers classes and workshops like guided meditations, spirit wand workshops, and hangpan sound immersion. Also check out the location in Brighton.

Ypsilanti Area

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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Next, we’re heading southeast to the Ypsilanti area, but first, a pitstop in downtown Howell. Kokopelli’s Korner (111 E. Grand River Rd.) is a metaphysical store named after a Native American fertility spirit. It’s owned by a local psychic who communicates with spirits and reads auras. Along with teas, incense, and more, Kokopelli’s Korner also sells cultural gifts like dream catchers, wind chimes, and musical instruments.

Ypsilanti’s downtown is its own little new age hotspot. First, stop in at brand new storefront The Conjure Goddess (226 W. Michigan Ave.), which is a Black-owned business. It specializes in African spiritual practices of hoodoo and voodoo. In addition to metaphysical supplies like candles and sage, the store also stocks a variety of ready-to-go ritual items, such as intentional soaps, sprays, and oils.

Next, head around the corner to Huron Street to find Evenstar’s Chalice (36 N. Huron St.), a more traditional metaphysical shop. Find handcrafted items and jewelry, along with the traditional fare like candles, incense, and the like. Evenstar’s Chalice offers a respectable schedule of classes and workshops, like energy healing, shadow work, and Akashic Record reading.

Make sure to drop next door at World of Rocks (32 N. Huron St.), the local resource for crystals of all shapes and colors. There’s a crystal for every budget here, from smaller and rawer samples to polished high quality specimens, from Michigan to Madagascar. Also check out the store’s custom jewelry from local artists!


Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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The next stop is further southeast. First, Mama Tracy’s (23614 Van Born Rd.) in Dearborn Heights. Though the store has many metaphysical supplies, its specialty is Mama Tracy Mojo blends, ritualistic blends of natural herbs and oils. The shop is stocked with clairvoyant psychic readers and mediums that perform astrology, tarot, or intuitive readings. It also offers classes in subjects such as Reiki, yoga, and mediumship.

Simply Be Well Gifts (22265 Goddard Rd.) in Taylor is a truly colorful gift shop for all flavors of new agers. You’ll find the traditional offerings of crystals, tarot, and incense, as well as figurines, dream catchers, and so much more.

Calavera Rose (6800 Park Ave.) is a delightful Day of the Dead themed metaphysical shop in Allen Park. The shop specializes in custom oils, rituals, tea blends, and more. Some of the services offered include psychic readers, hypnotherapy, energy healing, and more.

West Metro Detroit

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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Heading further north to circle the metro, you’ll find the small yet mighty Earth Lore (895 Wing St.) in Plymouth. Open since 1997, Earth Lore claims to possess Michigan’s widest variety of multicultural items, spiritual supplies, semi precious minerals, and unusual gifts. Earth Lore is wall-to-wall with incense, stones, herbs, and more.

Next, we’ll head to Livonia to check out Wick & Candle (34393 Plymouth Rd.). The store carries a large selection of herbs, crystals, intention candles, and more metaphysical supplies. Its small team offers a number of divination readings, including tarot and tea leaves, and spiritual healing that includes Reiki.

Also in Livonia is Illuminate Your Spirit (15373 Farmington Rd.). A smaller metaphysical store, this shop offers more in the range of psychic readings. Readers are available in person, over the phone, or over Zoom. the store provides psychic and mediumship readings, Reiki, hypnosis, spiritual and house cleansings, and even ghost hunts.

Detroit Area

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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Next up are the many offerings of the Motor City. First, check out Discount Candles and Blessings (1484 Gratiot Ave.) in Detroit’s Eastern Market. Discount Candles and Blessings has been a beloved Detroit staple for years. True to the name, this family-owned business has a wide selection of candles for candle magic. Also check out its incense and oils.

The LuckenBooth (3650 Michigan Ave.) in Detroit is a newer store. The name is Scottish for “locked booth” and is a traditional type of jewelry that was supposed to ward off witches. It offers both candles and oils specified to specific purposes, as well as other items that are supposed to bring good fortune. Divinations through tarot and tea leaves are offered.

Motown Witch (16844 Schaefer Hwy) is a new Black-owned business with the brand of “Detroit Hoodoo.” Motown Witch’s offerings go beyond simple crystals, herbs, and candles. Soaps and bath additives with magic intent are offered, as well as many other peculiar items. Check out Motown Witch’s online store as well.

A short jaunt from Detroit, Boston Tea Room (1220 Woodward Heights) in Ferndale claims to be Michigan’s oldest and most respected psychic venue with over 40 years of serving the Detroit community. Tarot and psychic readings are offered seven days a week, with online meditation, classes, and workshops. In addition to many metaphysical supplies, branded Boston Tea Room products include candles, teas, and spell kits. A portion of proceeds benefit local nonprofits.

Next is Knight Light Candle (10332 W. Nine Mile Rd.) in Oak Park. Knight Light Candle has about every color of candle and scent of oil one could possibly want. This family-owned business with over 20 years of history also sells incense, crystals, beads, shells, and more. Customers are a fan of their reasonable prices.

North Metro Detroit

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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As the tour winds into Oakland County, visit Crystal Treasures (92 W. Walton Blvd.) in Pontiac. This metaphysical store has been in operation for over 15 years. It features a large stock of crystals, as well as other metaphysical supplies. Readers and classes also happen here periodically. Cat fans will also love Crystal Treasures, as it contains free-roaming felines.

Nearby in Waterford, try out new storefront Yenna’s Healing Home Apothecary, a store inspired by an old apothecary that seeks to provide items to intentionally create healing spaces in the home. Yenna’s combines a metaphysical store with a vintage or antique store, and it’s covered in houseplants to prove it. Apothecary items are handmade by small businesses and include candles and oils, as well as soaps, bath soaks, and bath salts. Yenna’s also hosts classes and events, such as tarot workshops and make and take events.

Heading east to Rochester, the Detroit Tarot Company (331 S. Main St.) is located in Rochester’s downtown. Though the store offers a full range of metaphysical supplies from tarot decks to crystals, it excels with events. In both public and private events, the company teaches tarot reading, rune casting, and more. Additionally, Detroit Tarot Company provides multiple readers for both individuals and couples, in person or virtually. It even has its own community Discord server.

Close by in adjacent Rochester Hills is The Crystal Cauldron (1686 E. Auburn Rd.). This small and intimate store features a full range of metaphysical supplies and a resident tarot reader in a cozy space. The store features a surprisingly diverse collection of crystals, incense, herbs, candles, and books.

East Metro Detroit

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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Heading east toward the St. Clair River, the town of Roseville is the first stop. First, check out The Road Show (28500 Gratiot Ave.). The Road Show boasts a “funusual” stock that’s all about the aesthetic. This includes metaphysical fare like incense, candles, crystals, and tapestries. However, other items are worth perusing as well, including clothing, body jewelry, stickers, pop culture memorabilia, UV light posters, and so much more.

The next stop around the corner is Julia’s Treasures from the Earth (28701 Utica Rd.). Julia’s Treasures is primarily a family-owned crystal shop, but includes minerals, fossils, jewelry, salt lamps, glass, and more. Related classes are also hosted here periodically.

Finally, just a bit further north in Mount Clemens is Alleycat Junktiques (54 New St.). Though it is a metaphysical store that sells things such as candles, oils, and crystals, it is also an antique and oddity shop. Any variety of weird items, from taxidermy to medical antiques, may show up here. Be sure to say hello to feline mascot, Luci.

Thumb Region

Finally leaving the Metro Detroit area, the next stop is up north into the Thumb. In the lakeshore town of Marine City, you’ll find EarthStar Wisdom (226 S. Water St.). EarthStar carries a variety of cleansed and charged crystals, but also stocks other metaphysical supplies like sage, oils, intention candles, and more. Periodically, readers and energy healers will offer services too.

The next stop is a little further north at Infinitea Magik (1830 Pine Grove Ave.) in Port Huron. Infinitea is a new metaphysical store specializing in many varieties of tea and teapots. Services offered include psychic readings and Reiki, but make sure to check out the infrared Salted Sauna offering dry heat and chromatherapy!

Finally, it’s time to head back west. Stop in Lapeer to browse Wyckedz Place (1100 W. Hunters Creek Rd.). Wyckedz provides metaphysical supplies like crystals, herbs, incense, oils, and jewelry, and provides neutral education on their properties. Wyckedz also provides community events for meetup groups, game nights, rituals, and educational workshops.

Bay City Metro

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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Though most wouldn’t be wrong to think of Frankenmuth as a Christmas destination, there’s plenty of new age wonder to discover. First, check out the metaphysical shop Those Nature People (455 S. Main St.). Those Nature People offers a wide selection of herbs and crystals, as well as products like skincare, salves, balms, teas, and more. In particular, the store has zodiac branded supplies like incense trays, essential oil rollers, and necklaces. Make sure to also check them out at the Farmers’ Markets in Davison and Flint.

The Bavarian Blacksmith Experience (925 S. Main St D-6) in the Frankenmuth River Place Shopping Center is an experience that cannot be missed. Instead of buying metaphysical tools, why not craft your own in the heart of Little Bavaria? The Bavarian Blacksmith Experience is the place to be if you want to forge your own wand, runes, knife, or dagger. Skilled blacksmiths teach and guide your creation process. Prices start at $30 per person, and even school-aged children can join in on the fun!

Once you’ve crafted your treasure at the blacksmith, make sure to check out Enchanted Forest (925 S. Main St.) also in the Frankenmuth River Place Shopping Center. The Enchanted Forest features a limited stock of metaphysical supplies, such as candles and crystals. However, the biggest draw is the fantasy-themed decor and figurines, perfect for turning your home garden into a pixie’s paradise. Build a fairy garden with figurines, houses, garden dragons, and more.

Continue the tour north to Bay City’s new metaphysical store, Ditchflowers Healing Sanctuary (906 Washington Ave.). This metaphysical shop and holistic healing center has a little bit of everything in the way of metaphysical supplies. The store also offers classes, workshops, and alternative healing. Learn about crystals, practice meditation or yoga, or book a massage therapy session. Enjoy the community gathering space, Lounge at the 906, which features complimentary beverages and WiFi.

Heading further west, the next stop is Ways to Wellness (122 W. Main St.) in Midland. Ways to Wellness offers its metaphysical products both in store and online, with essential oils, herbs, candles, and sprays available in both places. It offers an impressive amount of alternative healing services, including shamanic healing, Reiki, hypnotherapy, and even intuitive cranial sacral therapy. Training is offered for Reiki and shamanic healing, and they frequently offer other classes.

Further west still, continue the tour to Mount Pleasant to check out All Things Divine (437 S. Mission St.). This metaphysical store is the holistic mecha for the Central Michigan University town. Their teas are particularly popular, but a wide variety of metaphysical supplies can be purchased either in store or online. The store offers several services, including tarot readings, psychic readings, aura photos, Reiki, and Reiki training.

Up North

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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As the tour continues to Michigan’s “Up North,” metaphysical shops are getting further and fewer, but there’s still a few gems. First, stop in Houghton Lake to explore Mystical Awakenings Books (3416 W. Houghton Lake Dr.). This homey little shop carries a variety of books, as well as other metaphysical supplies. For a small northern Michigan shop, the shop hosts an abundant amount of workshops, classes, and appointments for subjects ranging from numerology to drum-making.

Next, we’ll detour northwest to the Cherry Capital of Traverse City to visit Higher Self Bookstore (313 E. Front St). This new age bookstore is located in the heart of Traverse City’s picturesque downtown and features far more than just books. Products range from the staples, like incense and tarot cards, to the more exotic, like home decor and musical instruments. A variety of special services are offered daily, including readers of tarot, numerology, runes, and more. Classes and workshops are offered periodically, with topics ranging from numerology to reflexology.

Heading back toward I-75, you’ll want to make a pitstop in Gaylord to browse Orion and the Stone Unicorn (122 S. Otsego Ave.). This little metaphysical shop has been a part of the little alpine community of Gaylord for nearly 20 years. Along with crystals, jewelry, and tarot cards, Orion and the Stone Unicorn also features clothing and bags. Tarot readings, yoga classes, and Reiki instruction are also provided.

Upper Peninsula

Magic in the Mitten: 51 must-visit shops for crystals and herbs
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We’ll finish off the tour with a lap around the Upper Peninsula for a set of unexpected stores. First is Drift Alchemy (237 S. Cedar St.) in Manistique. Located in the upstairs loft of The Mustard Seed gift shop, Drift Alchemy is a new addition to this quaint Upper Peninsula town. The metaphysical shop includes several herbal concoctions, including tea, perfumes, bath bombs, and more. Drift Alchemy not only ships these items, but also offers tarot readings and intuitive paintings remotely.

Finally, the tour concludes in the Upper Peninsula’s largest city that’s still a small town, Marquette. Epps Apothecary (110 N. 3rd St.) in downtown Marquette is a newer metaphysical shop that doubles as an art gallery. The gallery is meant to recreate the mystical lands of the Wizard of Oz. Visitors can browse new age books, craft organic health teas and elixirs at the Alchemy Bar, and admire unique art such as Native American nature printing. Epps also offers tarot readings, star chart analysis, energy healing, and more.



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